Affiliate Marketing Ideas That Make Money

Affiliate Marketing Ideas That Make MoneyIn this article, I will be sharing affiliate marketing ideas that make money.  These are not overnight miracles, but proven long-term strategies.  These ideas focus on building an online readership who trusts your advice.  Once readers trust you, they’ll trust your recommendations.  You can then take advantage of this by recommending useful, quality affiliate products to them.  This is a very important process I learned by following the AffiloBlueprint course.

Idea #1 – Build a Blog That Makes You Money

Having your own blog is crucial to a stable online income.  You should write regular, weekly articles teaching readers useful and actionable information regarding your blog’s niche (ie, weight loss, dog training, muscle building, etc).  By providing useful information, readers will trust you – and will trust you when you’re recommending products to them (which you earn commissions on).

Idea #2 – Focus on Email Marketing, Not Banners

AffiloBlueprint teaches that email marketing is more profitable than banner advertisements on websites. People who click on banners are “cold” traffic that doesn’t convert.  Instead of using banners, you should use opt-in forms that invite your website visitors to subscribe to your email list.  Give them an incentive to join (ie: a free ebook or report), then send out emails with helpful information and relevant product suggestions.  This “warms up” traffic – increasing conversions.

Idea #3 – Bring in Traffic Organically with Google

Organic Google traffic is high quality and converts very well.  Here are some tips for ranking better on search engines like Google:

  • Post regularly.  Google loves websites with fresh, new content and ranks their posts/pages better.
  • Optimize your post for a keyword that is shown as having a good number of searches (100+) and low competition (50 or less) using a keyword research tool like Jaaxy.
  • Place keyword once in your title tag, once in your description tag, and as an alternate title in your images.

Let’s hear from the founder of AffiloBlueprint

Affiliate Marketing Ideas That Make MoneyAffiliate Marketing Ideas That Make MoneyMy Recommendation

To learn more fantastic tips on how to make money with affiliate marketing, take a look at AffiloBlueprint.  You’ll be impressed with the easy-to-follow, step-by-step training this program offers.  It really is A-Z training for affiliate marketers.  And as always, comment below if you have questions.  I’ll reply!  Debra 🙂

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Affiliate Marketing Ideas That Make Money

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