GetResponse vs AWeber – A Point-by-Point Comparison

I signed up for AWeber when I became a brand new affiliate marketer in 2015 and I’ve enjoyed using it.  I find it very user friendly, and I know it’s popular, so I’ve never questioned whether it is the right autoresponder for me.

But just recently I came across GetResponse, and it seems some of the “big guys” (successful internet entrepreneurs whom I follow) use it.  It seems equal, actually…many internet marketers use GetResponse, and many use AWeber.

Anyway, I decided to do some research to find out which is better, and I found this video by Justin Bryant of, in which Justin compares the two services based on many points:

List Importing
Opt-in Forms
Overall Email Composition

I was so impressed with the video that I wanted to share it with you:

I personally have chosen to stick with AWeber because it meets my needs and to be honest, I’m too lazy to start over to learn GetResponse!  But I think it’s definitely worth it to watch this video and make the decision that’s best for YOU and your business.

You can click on either one to sign up:

get responsePicture 128I Hope This Has Been Helpful!

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How to Work at Home on the Computer

I quit my job on December 31, 2007 to work from home, have my own business and get out of the rat race! I had a good job – civil service, great pay, outstanding benefits – so it was beyond scary to give it up.  Especially since I was divorced, living alone, and solely responsible for supporting myself.

For three years prior, I searched for answers about how to work at home on the computer.   I found all the typical ways to make money online like getting paid to answer surveys, selling on Ebay, Amazon, freelance writing. At that time I settled on Ebay. I like girl stuff like makeup, jewelry, handbags and skin care.  So that’s what I chose to sell.  I’d buy large inventories of products, then sell the items individually.

It worked.

My Ebay business was successful and supported me for eight years.  I have to say I really liked it – it was fun owning my own business, working at home in my pj’s – running my own schedule, being my own boss.  I knew early on that I’d never work for anybody again – I’d always have my own business.

How to Work at Home on the ComputerThen along came Leo.

I met my husband Leonardo in 2012 and my life changed.  Several months after meeting, we moved in together, and eventually got married in 2015. What changed was the fact that for 13 years prior, I had lived alone.  That meant it didn’t matter when I worked.  I could work anytime I wanted, day or night.  So, for example, if I wanted to go do my grocery shopping or have lunch with a girlfriend on a Tuesday afternoon, I could do that – then just finish my work later in the evening.  But when Leo came along, I found I wanted to be “off” when he was.  I wanted not only to be done with work by the time he came home every day, but I began to loathe the fact that I was working on weekends.  My Ebay business was so successful and did such a large volume, that it was necessary for me to do shipping at least six days a week, seven during the holiday season.  I wanted weekends off to spend with Leo.  Also, taking a vacation when you’re a high-volume Ebay seller is difficult.  Since I was a one-woman show, there was no one to do the work and keep my sales/shipping/income flowing if I wanted to go away.

So, suddenly my job wasn’t working for me anymore.

About two years earlier, I had come across the concept of affiliate marketing – where you have a website, you become an affiliate for a company – then you put their advertisements on your website and you get paid a commission every time someone buys something using your website/link.  I played around with it a while – did some affiliate marketing training online, but I was unable to be successful at it.  I just didn’t know what I was doing.

Finally, in August of 2015, I searched for more affiliate marketing training.  I knew that affiliate marketing was the thing that would accomplish all of my requirements as far as what I wanted to do for a living:  having my own business, working from home, making money online, having unlimited income potential, setting my own hours, and being able to travel.  So I really (really really) wanted to figure out how to do it and actually be successful at it. That’s when I found Wealthy Affiliate.

How to Work at Home on the Computer

Wealthy Affiliate is a company that TEACHES you not only how to become a successful affiliate marketer, but how to create a money-making website for absolutely any topic, hobby or interest. And what I liked most was the fact that there were so many training classes available for FREE.  These guys are smart – they go ahead and give you a ton of training – get you interested and educated and actually seeing fantastic results – before they ask for a dime for their time and effort.  I was so impressed by that. They have gone way above and beyond the “try before you buy” concept by really letting people not only get their feet wet – but they let us swim in their pool for months on end, learning all kinds of stuff – for FREE!

I watched training videos for several weeks for free – started my own website for free – learned how to create valuable content, how to add affiliate links to my site, how to find and apply for affiliate programs.  All for free. It really was amazing.  The training videos were so fun and easy – very simple, step-by-step training.  I loved it!

Now I’m an Official Affiliate Marketer…and MORE!

I eventually signed up to be a Premium Member at Wealthy Affiliate for $47 per month.  That is not required, but by that time I knew I’d found my  new career and I wanted access to more and more training and wanted to be a full member of the Wealthy Affiliate Community. You get a huge discount if you pay annually, which I decided to go ahead and do (so now it works out to less than $25 per month…the question/answer section on the site alone is worth ten times that!)

My website,, is fantastic, and I love working on it.  I love the subject I chose to focus on (pets!) – I love the interaction with my visitors. And most of all, I cannot believe that not only do I get to work from home, set my own hours and be my own boss, but I get to do something I love, which is helping animals!

how to work from home and love itYou Can Do It Too!

My interests are animals, writing and beauty products.  I was able to learn how to make money in each one of those fields by creating several money-making websites all about these things I love.  If there is something – and I mean anything at all – that you really love – you can create a website around it. This can be a part time job or a full time job, whichever you prefer.  You can have your very own website (or several!) which can be as big and as busy as you like, or as small and easy-to-handle as you like.  It’s all up to you.

The training really is fun and easy.  And since the first 50 (yes, I said 50) training classes are absolutely free, you have nothing to lose by at least checking it out.  Here’s a video by Kyle, one of the owners of Wealthy Affiliate, taking you on a tour of the website to let you know what it’s like.  Kyle’s the one who does all the training, so if you like him in this video, you’ll like the training!

Here’s what you get with the free starter membership and the premium membership.

I suggest you start with the free starter membership, do some of the classes, play around with it a while, before you decide whether to get the premium membership.How to Work at Home on the Computer

I hope you’ll at least check it out.

Make a list right now – get a piece of paper and a pen – and make a list of your hobbies and interests.  I bet by the time you write down less than three things you’ll have the perfect idea for a website!

how to work at home on the computerTo read my complete review of Wealthy Affiliate, CLICK HERE

If you’ve ever wanted to have your own business and work from home, this is worth checking into.  I’ve been working online for years, and I can tell you, this is top notch.  Imagine actually liking your job…hey, there’s a concept!!!!

Please comment below to let me know what you think, and feel free to ask me questions…I will respond!  And please keep me posted on your progress!

Best of luck and good fortune,
Debra 🙂

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Highest Paying Affiliate Program – Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate has one of the highest paying affiliate programs available anywhere online.  You can earn consistent income by simply referring others to Wealthy Affiliate!

How Much Will I Get Paid?

This depends on whether you’re a Free Starter Member, or if you’re a Premium Member.

For Starter Members.  Every time someone you refer signs up with Wealthy Affiliate, you get $8, then $11.25 per month for EVERY MONTH the person is a member if they’re paying monthly, and $87.50 per year if they’re paying annually.

For Premium Members.  Every time someone you refer signs up with Wealthy Affiliate, you get $23.50 EVERY MONTH they’re a member!  If they decide to pay the membership fee annually instead of monthly, you get $175 EVERY YEAR they’re a member!

Look at What That Adds Up To!

You can do the math all day long on this and be absolutely astounded when you realize what this adds up to as far as income.  Here’s a couple of examples:
Let’s say you referred 5 people a day to Wealthy Affiliate, and 12% of them (this is the average) decide to get the Premium Membership.  That adds up to $1,458 EVERY MONTH in commission for YOU!

Let’s say you referred 50 people a day to Wealthy Affiliate (not hard!) and 12% of them decide to get the Premium Membership.  That adds up to $22,398 EVERY MONTH in commission for YOU!

The most exciting thing about the commissions at Wealthy Affiliate is that you’re not just getting paid for someone’s one-time purchase.  If you sell a person a book, and your commission is $5, then you’ve made five bucks and you have to move on to finding the next customer.  Whereas, with Wealthy Affiliate, they’re purchasing either a MONTHLY or a YEARLY membership.  That means that once they join, you get paid again and again and again, for as long as they’re a member.

So maybe this month you have 3 new people join.  And the monthly income starts coming in.  Then next month you have 5 more people join – now you’re getting monthly commission on 8 people.  Then the next month 7 more people join – now you’re getting monthly commission on 15 people – and so on, and so on, and so on.  You can build and build and build this income.  And the cool thing is, whatever you did to get ONE person to join, is the same thing you’ll do to get HUNDREDS of people to join!  You just put the process in place and let it run like a well-oiled machine.  “Build it, and They Will Come!”

making money online

How Hard Is It To Get People to Join?

The conversation rate – meaning how many people look at Wealthy Affiliate versus how many people actually join – is 1 in 8.  That means that for every 8 people you get to visit the Wealthy Affiliate website, 1 will sign up.  Not bad odds at all!  Amazing odds, actually!


Wealthy Affiliate will TEACH YOU How!

Wealthy Affiliate offers, ABSOLUTELY FREE, the Best Affiliate Training in the World. You’ll be following step-by-step video based training on how to build an incredibly successful business by referring others to Wealthy Affiliate. You can read my article describing the training in detail HERE. Here’s just a short description of the training courses to give you an idea of what you’ll get!

Bootcamp Course #1
Starting Your Foundation

Bootcamp Course #2

Content, Keywords and Conversions

Bootcamp Course #3

Giving Your Site Social Value

Bootcamp Course #4

Get Visual. Get Aesthetic. Get a Brand Through Media

Bootcamp Course #5

Knowing Your Audiences & Catapulting Your Referrals

Bootcamp Course #6

Bing, Yahoo, & The Power of PPC

Bootcamp Course #7

How to Scale Successful PPC


Sign up. Get the free training.  Have your own website.  Make Money.

You Can Do It!

how to create a business from a websiteHow Do I Know This Works?
Because I’m doing it right now!  This website you’re on right now is the one that Wealthy Affiliate taught me to create in the Bootcamp Training.  (I’m a Premium Member, by the way). When you’re done reading this article, take a minute to go to my home page.  Look at my menu, my layout, the articles I’ve posted so far.  Do you know how long this has taken me?  I opened my website on March 14.  Today is April 13. Less than one month.  And this is not my only website – I have two others I work on as well, so I’ve only spent a few hours on this site.  And I can tell you that I got 3 referrals in the first 10 days of opening my site!  I was floored.  I couldn’t believe how fast it was – people came to my site, checked out Wealthy Affiliate, and signed up.  It’s so exciting.  Honestly, I can’t say that enough – it’s so FUN and EXCITING! 🙂

I love telling people about Wealthy Affiliate because it’s turned out to be my full time (work at home in my pj’s) job and I’m so happy!  It’s not just about promoting Wealthy Affiliate.  It’s about learning how to be an affiliate marketer. Wealthy Affiliate is the best training program out there for teaching you how to open a website and make money with it.  The training is so fun, and I’m thrilled with what I’m doing.  Check out my favorite of the websites I’ve created so far –  I’m so proud of it!

Give this a try.  You won’t regret it.

If you have any questions, please comment below (I’ll respond!)

To Your Success!



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Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or What?

I’ve spent years trying to find ways to work at home and make money online, and as a result, I’ve come across (and fallen for!) many (many, many, many) of the scams out there.  So is Wealthy Affiliate a scam or what?  I will explain to you in detail whether I believe Wealthy Affiliate is a scam or not, but first, let me share with you what I’ve found.

Some are an all-out scam.

This is where someone is offering something that sounds too good to be true and it turns out to be just that. Those are the worst cases – where someone actually takes your money and gives you nothing of value in return.

Some aren’t technically a scam, but…

Others make offers that aren’t actually false or fraudulent, but not exactly honest either.  Those are the guys who only give you part of the story – the ones who make a bunch of promises and make things sound easy, when really you’d have to have a magic wand to actually accomplish making one dime with their program.

Some fail to tell you what’s really involved.

Other programs make promises that you’ll make money, but they fail to tell you just how little you’ll be paid for your work.  The survey-answering scams come to mind on this one.  Yes, you can actually be paid for answering surveys online – but they take HOURS and you get only pennies for doing it.

Some are legit but not worthwhile.

I believe that affiliate marketing is no doubt an honest, realistic way to make money online, but there are scams for this out there too.  I signed up for an affiliate marketing training course a few years ago and I got so excited!  I thought the training was awesome and I was excited about what I was learning.  I was convinced I’d soon be rich!  But what I didn’t realize at the time, because I was brand new at affiliate marketing and knew absolutely nothing about it at that point, was that the training they were giving me was far from thorough.  I was able to set up a website that looked cool.  They even showed me how to become an affiliate for companies I liked.  They gave me some training about how to insert affiliate links and banners on my website.  Wah-la, right?  I honestly thought that once my website went live, the money would start pouring in! Sounds stupid, I know – but in my defense, I thought that because it’s what they were leading me to believe.  In actuality, no one ever visited my website because I was doing absolutely nothing to make that happen. They left out the most important part of the training – how to actually get people to come to your website! There’s absolutely no way I could’ve been successful just with the training they were offering.

But I’m not upset…I’m actually thankful for those guys because they’re the ones that helped me get my feet wet in affiliate marketing.  They’re the ones that showed me what it was, and at least gave me an idea of how it worked and what it could be.  I wish they would’ve made good on their promise to actually show me how to make money with it – but at least they opened the door.

wealthy affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is NOT a Scam.  It’s the real deal.

Wealthy Affiliate, the company I finally ended up with (and who helped me create my incredible website,,  is a legit, actual, real training program for how to become an affiliate marketer. It covers absolutely everything you could possibly need to know to be successful.  Everything from setting up a website, to learning how to get traffic. And all the stuff in between – simple stuff like how to add pictures to your website, how to set it up so it looks good and is easy to read. And harder stuff like Search Engine Optimization, setting up a Google Analytics account.  I’m getting tons of traffic on my website. People share my pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn. There are dozens of conversations going on at any given moment on or about MY website – either via comments and discussions on the website itself, or comments on social media.  I cannot express how exciting it is to actually have people coming to my website.  Seeing my work. Visitors…Customers!  Now there’s a concept!  LOL!  That’s what the other guys never taught me.  This is the difference between the scams and Wealthy Affiliate.

Starting with Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely free.  You can set up your own website, go through tons of how-to classes.  Actually build a successful website, learn how to be an affiliate marketer, be successful, and go on for the rest of your life earning a full time income from the website you’ve built with their free help.

OK, so…What’s the Catch?

Let’s get right to it.  

I might actually be the only person on the internet who is going to tell you upfront exactly what to expect and what “the catch” is with this program.  The truth is, there is not only one “catch” with Wealthy Affiliate, there are two!

First Catch:  Going Premium

What does “Going Premium” mean? During the first 20 (Free) training classes, the trainer (owner, Kyle) repeatedly encourages you to “Go Premium.”  What this means is that there are two memberships with Wealthy Affiliate.  The Starter Membership is absolutely free and includes everything I’ve talked about. The upgraded membership is called, “Premium.”  I am currently a Premium Member with Wealthy Affiliate.  BUT I WENT THROUGH ALL OF THE FREE TRAINING CLASSES FIRST!  I honestly didn’t have to go Premium.  I could’ve easily just kept right on working with everything they taught me.  The only reason I upgraded was to get these added benefits:

make money online

The most important added benefits for me

After doing the 20 free classes and being well on my way and actually knowing my way around this a bit, I realized going Premium would benefit me because I was ready to keep going.  I wanted access to the remaining 6 phases of the Affiliate Bootcamp Training (I’ll tell you more about this in a sec), I wanted to be able to start more websites and with the free membership I could only have two, whereas with the Premium Membership I can have 50.  I wanted the live video classes.  Honestly, I can’t express this enough – the video classes are awesome! I also wanted the double commission if I had anyone join Wealthy Affiliate because of me.  I was already excited and telling people about it so I figured why not get paid twice the commission if someone signs up?  Also so very important is the benefit of having the Comment Platform and the Feedback Platform. You’ll understand this better once you get a few classes under your belt, but comments are super important to your website’s ranking with Google.  Wealthy Affiliate can help you get comments super fast and easy.  And the website Feedback Platform is priceless – this is where experienced members of Wealthy Affiliate actually look at your work and give you feedback.  I’ve learned so much from these people.  It’s unbelievable.

The cost of the Premium Membership is $49 per month. Well worth it, in my opinion, to basically have a teacher in your office with you 24/7!

So there’s the first catch.  Wealthy affiliate is absolutely free to start. And you can absolutely use the free training to build a website, learn to be an affiliate marketer, work and earn money the rest of your life without ever paying a dime – without ever becoming a premium member.  But I personally am a premium member.  I feel the fee is worth it all over the place.


Second Catch: Promoting Wealthy Affiliate 

The second catch is that not only does Wealthy Affiliate teach you how to start your own website on a topic that YOU love – mine happens to be about animals – but they also include free training called Affiliate Bootcamp where they teach you how to promote Wealthy Affiliate! Brilliant, don’t you agree?  These guys really had a fantastic idea when they came up with this. It’s like they said, “Let’s start a free website where we teach people step-by-step how to become awesome, super effective affiliate marketers – then encourage them to market….US!”

And what I love about this is that you don’t have to do it.  You can join for free and get all the training you need to start your own website on any subject you love, and be successful at it.  You can even become a Premium Member to keep on going with that – just focusing on the website (or up to 50 websites) you choose to create and promote.

I wasn’t sure in the beginning if I’d end up promoting Wealthy Affiliate or not.  At first I was so nervous about the training, about starting something new – that I couldn’t even think about that.  For me, I had to take just one step at a time.  Open my first website. But after a while, when I started to feel more confident and realized I can actually do this, I really wanted to promote Wealthy Affiliate.  These guys have changed my life.  I honestly couldn’t feel right about myself if I didn’t share it with people.  So many people out there – from single moms to people who couldn’t go to college – executives who got fired due to downsizing after slaving for 30 years…so many people in every category of life can benefit from working at home and making money online.  And most importantly, if I can teach even one person how to do something they love for a living then, well…it’s worth it.  So I decided to start this website and promote Wealthy Affiliate – and they pay me to do that (twice as much since I’m a Premium Member) – so why not? So there’s the second catch. 

What They Don’t Tell You

Here’s another example of my being the only person on the internet who will tell you the whole truth.  Maybe I should just keep this stuff to myself so it doesn’t scare you away…so you’ll get excited about everything I’ve told you and go ahead and sign up with Wealthy Affiliate.  Then you’ll go through the classes, move along steadily, and find these things out for yourself.  But I decided when I started this article that I wanted to answer every question you might have.  That I wanted to be perfectly and completely honest.  And most of all, I wanted to include “what I wish they would’ve told me” when I first signed up. So here’s the stuff they don’t tell you:

It will likely take 3 to 6 months before you start making money.  This is a big one, and I have to be honest and say that I wish someone had told me that right from the start.  The fact is, websites take time.  They take time to open, to build. It takes time to add content to your website and make it a place where people can actually get valuable information. It takes time to go through your training classes and even learn how to do this, you know?  And most importantly, it takes 3 to 6 months for Google to rank you.  When you start a new website, Google doesn’t take you seriously at all.  Any Joe Blow can open a website.  What they want to see is whether it’s a valuable website.  They want to see commitment from you in the form of adding valuable content regularly.  They want to make sure you’re not just trying to earn money, but actually posting stuff that helps people.  They want to make sure you’re not going to be gone in three weeks.  Do you see what I mean?  It takes a while before Google will put you on the first page of a search when someone is looking for the information you’re putting on your website.  So it takes a while to get traffic, to build an audience, and to start making money.

You have to write content.  Don’t get nervous – if you think you’re not a good writer, it’s OK. They’ll teach you how to do this. But by content I mean articles. Look at my website,  See all those posts/articles?  That’s content. Me writing articles on different subjects that educate and inform and help people.  And if you click into any of my articles, you’ll see links to the places I’m an affiliate for.  This is where the money comes from.  If you’re confused about this, don’t worry about it.  They’ll teach you. During the free training classes, they’ll teach you exactly how to do this.  And I can tell you that once you get the hang of it, not only is it FUN, but if you’ve chosen a subject you’re passionate about, you’re also learning as you write!

You have to work regularly.  Contrary to what some scams might try to tell you, you can’t just set up your website, walk away, then sit on a beach somewhere while the money pours in.  Actually, it’s a little like that – I mean, you will have pages on your website that are self-sufficient.  Once posted, they will actually bring in money month after month, year after year, with little or no effort from you.  But your website must remain active.  You must be adding valuable content to it on a regular basis (at least twice a week or so, so I’ve learned).

You have to reply to comments.  People will visit your site.  And they will make comments.  And you have to reply.  This isn’t hard because it takes only a few minutes a day, plus it’s fun and exciting to interact with the visitors on your website.  Comments/engagement/discussions are super important for your website to be ranked highly with Google.  So you have to sign in every day and reply to your comments.

You have to do the training classes!  It’s no lie, this is a lot of work. Each of the 50 initial free training classes takes about an hour to get through.  I have a yellow legal pad full of the notes I took from these classes.  You have to open the class, read the lesson, watch the video, then do the tasks they give you for that class. It’s work.

How much money can you make?

colton my first 10000 month

I think the best way to answer this is to show you some of the success blogs that actual Wealthy Affiliate members have posted.  Check these out:

This one’s from Colton. This kid’s straight out of college!

Gawwwwdddd, I wish I knew at his age what he’s learned from Wealthy Affiliate!  It would’ve saved me 30+ years of working for someone else!  I watch Colton continuously.  I’m so inspired by this guy!  By the way, his newest post was in December, 2015, where he reports he’s had his first $10,000 month!

This one’s from one of the trainers.  I love this guy.  He does a lot of the live video trainings I told you about.  He’s funny and a fantastic teacher.

Here’s George, just a regular Joe Blow like us who’s quietly working, making progress.  You go, George!

If you’d like to read more actual blogs like this, click here.  The success stories are endless at Wealthy Affiliate.


Bottom Line

The Free Starter Membership includes:

10 FREE Beginner Classes

10 FREE Affiliate Bootcamp Classes

Endless training posts and articles

Countless live training webinars that you can either watch live or watch on your own time (they’re recorded in case you can’t watch when they’re live)

Instant Friends.  I mean it – the people at Wealthy Affiliate are so kind and helpful.  I knew as soon as I joined that I wasn’t alone!

Wealthy Affiliate can be a part time job, or a full time job – the choice is yours.

making money online  So there it is.  

I hope you realize now that you’ve finished this article that I’m being completely honest about what I’m promoting.  I believe in Wealthy Affiliate. I’m a member and I have no doubt this will be my job for the rest of my life.  I won’t ever work for anyone else again – I’ll never have a J.O.B. again.  I’m self-employed now, I’m an online entrepreneur – I set my own hours, I’m my own boss.  And it’s all because of Wealthy Affiliate.  I’m sold.  Absolutely.  But I wanted people to know EXACTLY what to expect – and more important, what NOT to expect.

Don’t be scared.  I’ve revealed all the catches here.  You now know exactly what you’re getting into.  Just go for it.  You won’t regret it!

Go ahead…ask me any question you want 🙂

Comment below with questions (I’ll respond!) Debra

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Getting Started at Affiliate Marketing – Step by Step VIDEO Instructions!

I’m so happy you’re here.  Honestly, I cannot express how happy I am that you found this article!  I wish I had found an article like this YEARS ago!

I have been interested in getting started at affiliate marketing for several years now. (You can read more about my story here.) I researched the subject online many, many times.  A few years ago, I even found a website where they teach you step-by-step how to do it.  I sat through hours of training classes, which were pretty good – but I never actually made any money at it.  I became so disappointed, that I gave up.

Then one day I decided to look “just one more time” online to see if I could find information on how I could actually be successful at affiliate marketing. I really (really really really) wanted to do it because it means you can work at home, set your own hours, be your own boss – and most importantly, earn UNLIMITED INCOME.  So I got online and searched – and just like you right now, I was lucky enough to find someone promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

make money online

Wealthy Affiliate is a FREE step-by-step training website for affiliate marketers.  It is similar to the site I mentioned earlier – only this one is far, far more in depth. I mean it – it’s step-by-step – from start to finish – from beginner level to master level – they cover every single step you need to learn if you want to become successful at affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is where you have a website (which Wealthy Affiliate teaches you step-by-step how to set up), you write content (just like this article you’re reading right now), you become an affiliate for companies who’s products you like ( is the biggest in affiliate marketing), and you use your website to post articles you write to promote those products.  You make a commission every time someone buys something from one of your affiliate links.

Sound confusing?  I’m guessing not – because I’m absolutely certain you’re a highly intelligent individual; otherwise, you wouldn’t be here!  But for the sake of clarity, let’s give a really super simplified description:

Step 1:  You create a website (Kyle, one of the owners of Wealthy Affiliate, teaches you how to do this in less than 30 seconds.  Yes, you read that right – you can have a FREE website in less than 30 seconds!  His super short, super easy video on how to do this is HERE.

Step 2:  You become an affiliate for somebody.  This can be any company you want.  You can promote absolutely any product you want.  Amazon, like I said, is one of the most popular companies to become an affiliate for because they have millions of products for sale. You can pretty much sell and promote any product in the universe – they’re all on Amazon!  Becoming an affiliate – for Amazon or any other company – is pretty easy.  You just fill out an application – they ask for your name, address, your website. And that’s it.  I have found it’s pretty easy to get approved. Here’s the sign-up page for Amazon.  Take a look – you’ll see it’s pretty easy. One you become an affiliate for a company, they give you affiliate links to use in the text of your articles on your website – when people click on those links, you get commission when they make a purchase.

Step 3:  You create articles (don’t worry about the writing part – I mean it, if you’re not a writer IT’S OK. You’ll learn how to create articles easily!) You publish the articles on your website – people searching for information on that topic find you – they read your article – they click on your affiliate links (the links you’ll insert into the article directing people to whatever you’re selling) – people click on the product, buy it – and you get commission.

What Does This LOOK Like?

I am personally inviting you to go to my website,

and take a look.  This is the website that Wealthy Affiliate taught me step-by-step how to create!  I started with an absolutely blank page – nothing on the website at all.  And now, if you’ll click around my website, you’ll see I have dozens of pages, dozens of articles – lots of affiliate banners and links.  It’s a gorgeous website and I’m so very proud of it!

I love animals and I’ve always wanted to do something to help animals. I’m giving 10% of the commissions I receive from my website to animal charities.  It makes me so happy that I’m finally working at home, with my own business, setting my own hours, being my own boss – earning money and making a living – PLUS I get to help animals!

How to Create a Website to Make MoneyYou Can Do This Too!

Let me ask you to do something really quick.  Take out a piece of paper and a pen, and as quickly as you can, write down 5 of your own personal interests – things you love (like sports, crocheting, animals, playing cards, tv shows…anything!) Did you do it?  Did you write down 5?  OK then listen.  Listen close because this is very important.  YOU CAN MAKE A WEBSITE ABOUT ANY OF THOSE SUBJECTS!  That’s one of my favorite things about affiliate marketing – it’s that you get to pick what subject you want to work with.  You get to work every day on your very own website that covers something YOU LOVE!

Having Doubts?

If you’ve never done anything like this before, please don’t be nervous.  It’s absolutely FREE to sign up with Wealthy Affiliate.  Go to this page, and sign up for a free account.  You’ll immediately have access to 10 classes – full, step-by-step video classes that will teach you, how to do this. You’ll also have access to the Wealthy Affiliate Community.  At Wealthy Affiliate, we’re all friends.  As soon as you join, you become a member of the Wealthy Affiliate Community.  You’ll be able to ask questions, read other people’s posts and articles, get unlimited training.  People are so wonderful at Wealthy Affiliate.  I’ve made so many friends there, and I was absolutely blown away when I first started at how willing everyone was to help me when I had questions.  And the funny thing is – now that I’ve been doing this a while, I’m one of the people who helps!  I’m always looking for questions by new members that I think I can answer – I love helping the new people, just like I was helped when I first started.  The point is, you’re not alone here.  Once you join Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll have help and support every step of the way!

wealthy affiliate cyber monday black friday saleStill Have Questions?

Go to the link I’m giving you at the bottom of this article and check it out.  Click around a little, watch a couple of videos.  Check out the site and get a feel for what it’s like.  Then, feel free to comment below and ask me any questions you want – and as many questions as you want.  I will respond!

You don’t have anything to lose.  Joining Wealthy Affiliate is FREE.  Try it.  Just TRY IT!  

Click HERE for a Personal Invite to Your Success from one of the owners of Wealthy Affiliate!

Best of luck to you in your new adventure!


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