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If you want to learn more about PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, or even become a certified expert, take this free online PPC course from SEMrush.  This is way more than just a pay per click training course online – it’s a course that will make you an expert.  The course consists of 12 easy-to-follow video lessons from PPC experts. The team at SEMrush are the real deal…you won’t get better PPC training than this.

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What SEMrush Does

SEMrush is an online marketing research service that helps entrepreneurs and website owners improve their marketing efforts in SEO, PPC, ad campaigns, content marketing, backlinks, keyword research, SERP, social media, and much more, so you can truly understand the data regarding your own website, as well as what’s working and not working for you, and your competitors.

SEMrush is not for newbies who are starting their first online business – it’s for those who have an existing, functioning website and are looking to increase their traffic and grow their reach. The tools at SEMrush will help you:

  1.  Find out who your competitors are and the top competitors in your niche.
  2.  Find out which keywords your competitors are ranking for.
  3.  Track your keywords and check their Google search position.
  4.  Find out where your competitors are getting their backlinks from.
  5.  Discover products being sold by your competitors that you can promote the same products.
  6.  Learn which keywords to use for your own products, pages and posts.

Who is SEMrush For?

SEMrush is for the entrepreneur who wants to really dig into the analytics, data, reports and tracking for their website in order to grow their business by leaps and bounds.  SEMrush will provide all the facts and data, then it’s up to you to implement their suggestions and take action!  SEMrush is also for the individual who wants to compete in their industry and take their business to the next step.

Why is SEMrush So Effective?

There are many factors involved, but the most important reason is if you know exactly what your competitors’ top ranking pages are and the keywords those pages are ranking under, you’ll be far more effective in getting your own pages ranked under those same keywords.

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