What’s Affiliate Marketing and How Does it Work? – Wealthy Affiliate’s 4 Easy Steps!

If you’re interested in learning about how affiliate marketing works, please don’t waste years of your time like I did going from scam to scam, paying your hard-earned money to websites who claim to teach you how to “get rich quick.” The fact is, affiliate marketing is an amazingly lucrative business.  You can easily make a full time income with part-time hours, or you can do it full time and become a full-blown millionaire.  But it’s a process, like anything else, that has to be learned. Any Joe Blow can open a website, slap a few banners on it, and hope to quit his job and stay at home.  But it’s just not that simple.

What’s Affiliate Marketing and How Does it Work?

What’s required is training.  You need someone to actually teach you how to be a successful affiliate marketer.  The best place to get that training, in my very experienced opinion, is Wealthy Affiliate.  They have a FREE Starter Membership that contains more affiliate marketing training than most paid services!


free affiliate marketing trainingCLICK HERE to get my detailed description of exactly what the training consists of.  You’ll be blown away!


If you want to be successful as an affiliate marketer, you must follow these 4 steps:

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Follow Wealthy Affiliate’s 4 Easy Steps!

1. Choose a Topic to Focus On

What do you love? We all have something we’re passionate about that gets us motivated and excited when we think about it. There are so many subjects that you could focus on when starting an online business – the possibilities are endless! The most important thing, though, is choosing something you LOVE and can get excited about.

The topic I chose, for example, is helping animals. That was the idea my business started with. Remember, at any given moment there are more than 2.8 billion people online. So regardless of the topic you choose, you can be assured there are thousands – even millions – of people online right at this moment who are interested in your topic! This equals traffic – which equals success!

Your topic can be anything that interests you. Wealthy Affiliate will help you choose your topic, then they will help you narrow it down to be very specific.

The goal here is to love what you do. Hey…there’s a concept…imagine working everyday on something that you actually love!

2. Create Your Own Website

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you, step-by-step, how to build your own website. It literally takes less than 30 seconds to create a beautiful, income-building website. Your website will be the foundation of your new business.

To see how easy it is to set up a website, read my article, How to Set Up A Free Website in 30 Seconds.

Go ahead and take a look at the website Wealthy Affiliate helped me create:


If you click around a bit, you’ll see that my website has provided me with a forum to write about, review, and discuss everything related to the care, health and training of pets. I love it!

3. Get Traffic – Attract Visitors to Your Website

Before trying to make money with your website, it’s important to first focus on getting people to actually visit your website. That’s called, “traffic.” Without traffic, you have no business. So this is critical to your success!

At the very beginning of the Wealthy Affiliate training, they’ll be teaching you all about the most current techniques on how to get enormous amounts of relevant traffic (customers) so your website by getting rankings with the big search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. The more people visit your website, the more opportunities you’ll have to make money!

By focusing on getting people who are interested in your particular topic to visit your website, you’re creating the very foundation of success. It’s easy to do, and Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how.

4. Make Money!

Once you have people coming to your website, you then have an audience. Now you can start to promote products and services relevant to your topic through “Affiliate Programs,” which are free to join. Being an affiliate for a company means you get paid a commission every time someone you refer to them makes a purchase. You can promote almost anything you can think of without having to own or create a product yourself. There won’t be any need for inventory or shipping. You simply send customers to the company’s website, they pay you a commission for the referral, then they fill the order and service the customer. There are unlimited products and services that you can promote as an affiliate.

Once you choose a topic, Wealthy Affiliate will show you how to find affiliate programs related to that subject. You’ll be amazed (shocked, actually), at how many companies you can be an affiliate for. You’ll never in your lifetime use them all – you’d have to live a million years!

amazon new

Amazon is a Big One!

There are millions of products for sale on Amazon in every topic you can possibly think of. Becoming an affiliate for Amazon is fast and free. You can make a full time income just promoting products that are on Amazon. You don’t even have to look any further if you don’t want to.

Once you learn how the process works and how to get people visiting your website, you’ll learn there are many more ways to make money from your website. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you everything you need to know about building your business!

making money onlineYou Are Just Minutes Away From Starting

Your Own Business!

Everything you need to start and grow a successful online business is included in the free training at Wealthy Affiliate. Their training is appropriate and do-able for people with all levels of experience. Some Wealthy Affiliate newbies have absolutely ZERO knowledge about building a website or affiliate marketing. Others know a little bit about it and have been playing around with it for a while. And still others are very experienced but join Wealthy Affiliate to get even more advanced training. Anyone can do it. ANYONE. There is as much or as little help as you need available on Wealthy Affiliate 24/7!

Wealthy Affiliate has nearly 600,000 members and they’re growing! The success stories you’ll find there are countless. Give this a try so that YOU can be one of their next success stories!

It’s Completely FREE To Start Your Business
The starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely free. It includes their famous, “Getting Started” training courses, live help and support, access to thousands of community discussions on anything you could ever have a question about. You get TWO free websites with the starter membership, and step-by-step video based training on exactly what to do.

It really is that easy.

What Have You Got To Lose?
Honestly, what would hold you back from at least trying this? Once you sign up for the free starter membership, you’ll have access to the Wealthy Affiliate community and everything we’ve talked about here. Sign up. Do a few of the classes. Start a website and see how it feels. You can stop at any time (but I honestly can’t see why you’d want to!) – or you can keep going, and going, and going – until doing what you love becomes your full time job. The choice is yours!

Please comment below if you have any questions (I’ll respond!)

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Free Affiliate Marketing Training – Where to Get the Best Training for FREE

free affiliate marketing trainingBy the time you finish reading this article, you will have already received some beginner-level Affiliate Marketing training!  Just reading through what the classes consist of in the FREE Starter Membership to Wealthy Affiliate is going to give you a VERY good idea of what’s involved in affiliate marketing, and you’ll realize, without a doubt, that Wealthy Affiliate has the best Free Affiliate Marketing Training available!

But first things first.  If you aren’t exactly sure what Affiliate Marketing is, I suggest you start by reading my article, How to Get Started as an Affiliate Marketer.  All set?  OK, let’s get started!  Let’s talk about Wealthy Affiliate, which is where I got my training.


You Won’t BELIEVE How Much You Get for FREE!

First, I’ll show you all of the training classes that are absolutely FREE. Later, I’ll explain how you can go even further and get more advanced training. But for now, sit back and relax because when you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate, you get TONS (I mean it – TONS) of affiliate marketing training absolutely FREE.

free affiliate marketing training  Getting Started Level 1- FREE 

Course Description
This is where you start.  You’ll be put at ease right from the very beginning with a very friendly Welcome video by Kyle, one of the owners of Wealthy Affiliate. Kyle does the training videos, so you’ll be hearing a lot from him!  I love Kyle because his trainings are so simple and step-by-step.  He takes you through everything, showing you what to do right there on the screen in the video, and he explains everything in a way you can easily understand.  You can pause the videos at any times, take notes (I took pages and pages of notes!).  Then at the end of the video there’s usually a lesson to read, then a few tasks to do.  It’s fun.  Kyle shows you exactly what to do – you’re learning and doing as you go!  This phase of the training consists of 10 lessons.  This is your “Beginner” training.  Here’s what you’ll be learning in Phase 1:
Lessons Included
Lesson 1:  Getting Rolling! (Woo-hoo!)
Lesson 2:  Understanding How to Make Money Online
Lesson 3:  Choose a Niche (niche means “subject”)
Lesson 4:  Building Your OWN Website
Lesson 5:  Setting Up Your Website
Lesson 6:  Getting Your Website Ready for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Lesson 7:  Finding Content Ideas from Keywords
Lesson 8:  Understanding Website Pages & Creating Your First 3 Pages
Lesson 9:  Creating Quality Website Content
Lesson 10:  Congratulations and Your Next Steps

Where You’ll Be at the End of Phase 1

By the time you finish Phase 1 of the training, you’ll have your own website.  But that’s not all. Here’s all the other stuff you’ll accomplish in Phase 1!
  • Learn what the process is for making money online
  • Create a list of financial and non-financial goals, and start working on them
  • Gain access to nearly 600,000 niches (niches are subjects/topics)
  • Choose the niche (topic/subject) you’d like your website to focus on
  • Build your own website
  • Learn how to optimize your website to get good rankings in Google
  • Making your website search engine friendly (so people can find you!)
  • Learn how to create quality website content (that gets ranked!)
  • Understand what keywords are and how to research/choose the right keywords
You’ll end Phase 1 with a very clear understanding of how affiliate marking works, how your website works, and what to do next!
What Does this LOOK Like?

Take a look at just one of the websites I created with this training:


Then What?

That’s what’s included in the Free Starter Membership with Wealthy Affiliate.  You’ll then have the option of upgrading to their Premium Membership, which will take you to the next training level:

Online Entrepreneur Certification Courses 

Course Description

This training is a little more advanced. This is a 50-lesson course that is part of the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification. It will walk you through the steps of creating a successful online business that generates revenue.

Lessons Included in Just the First Phase:

Level 1:  Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started

Level 2:  Building Your Own Traffic-Producing Website

Level 3:  Online Entrepreneur Certification – Making Money!

Level 4:  Online Entrepreneur Certification – Mastering Social Engagement

Level 5:  The Business of Content – Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

Where You’ll Be at the End of Phase 1 of Certification Training

The certification courses are so exciting because by the time you get there, you really feel like you know what you’re doing.  You’ll be amazed at how many times you think to yourself, “I can’t believe I actually know what he’s talking about!” You’ve got the hang of things now…you understand the language, how things work.  You’re still learning, of course, but you’re way more advanced now.

The training contains 5 phases, each containing 10 more classes.  It’s a very advanced, thorough training course!

More With the Free Starter Account…

Affiliate Bootcamp – Yep, Also FREE!

Course Description

Affiliate Bootcamp is where Kyle and Carson, the owners of Wealthy Affiliate, show you how to promote Wealthy Affiliate.  You start a new website, just like you did for the niche you selected in the trainings you’ve already completed. Only this time, instead of focusing on whatever subject you chose before, you now focus on promoting Wealthy Affiliate. Want to know how much they pay you to promote Wealthy Affiliate?  CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW IT WORKS.  You’ll be shocked!!

Before you can even consider promoting Wealthy Affiliate, you need to have a website in place. This is going to be your place where you can engage people, help them, and ultimately convert them into happy Wealthy Affiliate members. This course is going to get you up and running with your website.

Lessons Included

Lesson 1:  Getting Rolling

Lesson 2:  Get Your Domain, Get Your Website

Lesson 3:  Getting Your Website Organized

Lesson 4:  Creating a Scalable, Idea-Friendly Website

Lesson 5:  Take a Break, Catch Up, Learn More

Lesson 6:  Writing Themed Content

Lesson 7:  Getting Your Comment Engine Ready

Lesson 8:  Adding Reviews to Your Site

Lesson 9:  Leveraging Content from Wealthy Affiliate on Your Website

Lesson 10:  Putting the Idea Engine to Work

Where You’ll Be at the End of Affiliate Bootcamp

  • Understand the WA Affiliate Program Opportunity
  • How to Set and Reach Extraordinary Affiliate Goals
  • Learn How You Can Meet Us in Vegas at the annual affiliate conference!
  • How to Share Content Within Wealthy Affiliate and Earn
  • Finding and Creating a Successful “Authority” Style Domain
  • Creating a Massively Successful WA Affiliate Campaign


With the Free Starter Membership, you get free access to the first two classrooms.  You can get access to more classrooms with Premium Membership.  Here’s a list of all the classrooms:

  • Getting Started
  • WA Affiliate Program
  • Keyword, Niche & Market Research
  • Everything WordPress
  • Authoring & Writing Content
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Engagement & Marketing
  • Website Development & Programming
  • Local Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing 
  • The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Is There More?

Go Premium and Get Even MORE Advanced Training!

As I’ve described in this article, you get a ton of FREE affiliate marketing training in the Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Membership. It is absolutely enough not only to get your started, but to actually make you a SUCCESSFUL affiliate marketer. You could honestly take this free training, not even choose to promote Wealthy Affiliate if you don’t want to – just create your own website on a subject you love, and go about the business of being an online entrepreneur.  I mean it.  You don’t ever have to do more than that if you don’t want to.

But the thing is…by the time you get through all this training, you realize you’re actually a pro!  And that makes you super confident, and makes you want to keep going.  You’ll want to open more websites, make the websites you already have even more powerful.  I’m telling you, it’s super exciting.  You’ll want to advance to even more “detailed” training so you can set your goals even higher.

free affiliate marketing trainingPremium Membership

The next level of Wealthy Affiliate membership is called a Premium Membership. CLICK HERE to see exactly what you get with the Premium Membership in addition to what you already received with the Starter Membership. The most important Premium Membership benefits to me were:

All Remaining Phases of the Getting Started training (50 classes total)

Access to All of the Classrooms

Access to All Remaining Phases of Affiliate Bootcamp Training!

Access to Weekly LIVE Training Video Webinars – 52 per year!

 I love being a Premium member.  I feel like it’s the next logical step.  The live training webinars alone make the cost worth it. And it’s not that much.  The Premium Membership is only $49 per month. Like I said, you don’t have to go Premium if you don’t want to. You don’t have a pay a cent for training through Wealthy Affiliate.  The best thing to do is wait and see.  Sign up for the free starter membership, take the classes.  Get your website set up, do some pages and posts.  Get your feet wet…see how you like it!  Whether or not to get a Premium Membership certainly isn’t something you have to think about now.  When the time comes for you to decide, you’ll know for sure whether it’s something you want or not.

Better Price on Premium

You can also save a lot of money if you get a six-month premium membership for $234 (works out to be $39 per month), or an annual premium membership for $359 (works out to be $29.92 per month).  I personally do the yearly membership, because it’s the cheapest.  You can get the details about the deals HERE.

What’s the Catch?

Still having doubts?  I was exactly where you are, with all the same questions, when I first started learning about Wealthy Affiliate.  I know the catch, and I disclose everything you could be wondering about in my article, Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit or a Big Fat Scam?” 

Final Thoughts

Remember at the beginning of this article I said that by the time you read it, you’d already know more about Affiliate Marketing?  It’s true, isn’t it?  Don’t you already feel more confident about it?  More able to make a decision about where to get the right training?  I hope I’ve helped you.  I honestly don’t know where you can find another program out there that offers this much for free! I believe Wealthy Affiliate is the best way to try out affiliate marketing.  It’s the best free training available!


If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below (I’ll respond!) Debra 🙂

making money online  What’s My Story?  

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