Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Website:  www.WealthyAffiliate.com
Cost:  Starter Membership – FREE (Join here)
Premium Membership – $49 per month (Join here) 
My Rating:  #1
Most Valuable Feature: Their free starter membership far surpasses any paid program I’ve found thus far.

wealthy affiliate reviewWhat is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is not only a training website where you can learn every single aspect about turning any passion into a successful online business, but it’s also a community of people you’ll want to be a part of for life.

Joining Wealthy Affiliate is one of the smartest things I’ve ever done, and it has changed my life. If you’ve been thinking about doing something online to make money, whether as something part time for extra money, or as a full time career, you’re smart to take a good look at Wealthy Affiliate.  I can tell you from first hand experience that there’s just nothing else out there that compares in quality, price (free is about as good as you can get), and the overall experience.

Wealthy Affiliate began in September, 2005 by two successful internet marketers known as Kyle & Carson. Their vision was simple – create an honest open education project for people interested in starting up their own business online.  They wanted to provide a safe community, away from the scams, where fellow internet entrepreneurs could help each other and learn.

Over the years Wealthy Affiliate has evolved to help many members create successful website businesses. You are led through all steps from A to Z on how to start your internet marketing business and how to make it a success.

How Wealthy Affiliate Works:  4 Easy Steps

Choose an Interest.   During the training, they’ll give you plenty of ideas on the topics you might choose to focus your website(s) on.  I personally chose animals – I’ve always wanted to do something for a living that helps animals, so I created a website that donates 10% of commissions I make to animal charities.  Think about your hobbies – specifically, how do you spend your time when you’re not working?  Those are the things you’re passionate about.  And you’ll learn in the training that there are tons of ways to make money focusing on ANY subject you love.

Build a Website.  Wealthy Affiliate teaches you step-by-step how to build a website.  And most of the training is in video format, with one of the owners, Kyle, walking you through every single step himself.  He talks all along the way, tell you so many valuable tricks…things he’s learned in his many years as a successful affiliate marketer.  He’s a fantastic teacher – it’s very easy-to-understand training.

Attract Visitors.  There are so many ways to get visitors (also referred to as traffic) to your website.  Social media is one way – places like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.  There’s also pay-per-click advertising, advertising on other websites…the list goes on and on.  But what Kyle focuses on teaching us in the training is that CONTENT is the best, most effective way to get traffic to your website.  “Build it and they will come,” if you will.  In other words, keep putting things on your website that offer value, information and help for people, and they will be finding you pretty easily.

Wealthy Affiliate also teaches SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques which help you get ranked in Google and other search engines so your website will show up on the first page whenever people type in search terms relating to your niche.

Earn Revenue.  There are a lot of ways you can make money from a website.  You can get paid to let people advertise on your website, you can have google ads on your website which you get paid when people click them.  You can sell products directly from your website (like a shopping website).  Again, the list goes on and on.  I personally like affiliate marketing – where you sign up to be an affiliate for a company, then you get paid a commission every time someone buys something using one of your “affiliate links.”

Amazon.com and Walmart.com are huge ones – most affiliate marketers are an affiliate for Amazon because there are millions of products there.  You can pretty much find/sell absolutely anything from Amazon.  You may never have to look any further than that, but there are certainly thousands (millions?) of companies you could be an affiliate for and promote on your websites.

Sign Up for Your Free Account

wealthy affiliate reviewWealthy Affiliate Training.  The training you’ll receive WITHIN THE FREE STARTER MEMBERSHIP far surpasses any paid program I’ve come across thus far. People search for years and pay hundreds (even thousands) of dollars to receive training to make money online.  This is the real deal. They teach success.  It really is that simple.

OK, Here’s the Catch:

Actually there are two “catches” in Wealthy Affiliate.

wealthy affiliate review1.  Premium Membership

After you complete all the training contained within the Free Starter Membership, you have the option (OPTIONAL – NOT REQUIRED!) of paying $49 per month to become a premium member.  This means you get a whole bunch more training – and it’s far more advanced training. Now make no mistake – you can complete the training classes in the starter membership, build a website, and be perfectly successful for life.  I mean that.  But if you find you love it and want to learn more, and more, and more, and if you find you want to get better, and better and better (and you will!), then you’ll be ready to jump in and “Go Premium” as we say in the Wealthy Affiliate community.  I personally am a Premium Member.  I love the extra benefits:

More Advanced Training Classes

Live Training Webinars

Up to 10 websites (you get one free website in the starter membership)

Unlimited Use of the Keyword Tool (you’ll learn about this in training)

Double Commission (yes, double!) when I refer someone to Wealthy Affiliate.  If you are a Free Starter Member, you get paid anytime you refer someone to Wealthy Affiliate and they join.  When you’re a Premium Member, you get paid DOUBLE.

24/7 Website Support

And…again…the list goes on and on.

2.  Bootcamp Training

What is Bootcamp Training?  Bootcamp Training is where they teach you how to promote Wealthy Affiliate!  You may have been wondering all this time why owners Kyle and Carson would put so much time and money into providing the enormous amount of free training they do on the Wealthy Affiliate website.  They even teach people how to build a website on any topic they choose, and teach them how to make money on that website – and the whole time, they’re not making one dime.

But here’s the thing – the idea they had that I personally think is brilliant:  they decided to training people to be super incredible successful affiliate marketers – then ask them to promote Wealthy Affiliate!  And they pay us ONE OF THE LARGEST COMMISSION RATES out there for doing it!  Honestly, I can’t say enough how brilliant I think this is.  It works for EVERYONE.  Everybody wins!  We get to have a website (or several if we want) on a topic we love, and actually do something we actually love for a living.

Then we get good at it, and honestly, because we’re so grateful for everything they’ve taught us and they got us out of the stupid jobs we hated and we now work at home in our pj’s (not kidding- I’m doing this as I type this) – we really do feel like we want to share Wealthy Affiliate.  It’s nice, once you find something that you really love and that literally changes your live – to share it with as many people as you can.

And get this:  You’re on my Bootcamp website right now.  Ha!  This is the website they taught me to build in the Bootcamp Training! 

The first phase of Bootcamp Training is free with the Free Starter Membership.  Once you become a Premium Member, you receive 6 more phases of training.  That’s super advanced training – but believe and trust me – by the time you get to that point, you’ll not only be ready for it, you’ll be beyond excited to keep going!

Those really are the only “catches” there are in Wealthy Affiliate.  For more details, read my article,

“Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit or a Big Fat Scam?”

What People Are Saying About Wealthy Affiliate

Here are just a few of the success stories other Wealthy Affiliate members have blogged about – there are WAY too many success stories to post them all here!

Alex sharing his 8 year WA journey:

wealthy affiliate review


Leo’s Success Story:

wealthy affiliate review


Jay of Magistudios sharing his 15-year WA Anniversary:

wealthy affiliate review


This guy does a lot of live webinar trainings now for Wealthy Affiliate.  He’s taught me so much, and his webinars are free for premium members and so entertaining!

And there are many more!

wealthy affiliate reviewMy Final Recommendation

By joining the Wealthy Affiliate community you are gaining access to the most effective internet marketing classes online. If you apply yourself correctly and listen to the advice given you will be able to start building your first income-generating niche website within HOURS of joining the community.

Everything you need to generate a legitimate and consistent income online is included within the walls of this community. Kyle & Carson will take you through the process to making money online in easy to follow, step-by-step training modules.

It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in affiliate marketing, SEO, local marketing or promoting your existing website or business – Wealthy Affiliate will help you reach your goals.

Please feel free to comment below with questions!  Debra

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10 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review”

  1. It’s awesome that you have all these success stories on here! Makes it seem so much more real and doable. I really hope I can find success like that one day! How long does it typically take for someone to start seeing some results? I know it’s not an overnight get rich type deal but is there an average time it takes to show some sort of success?

    1. I think it’s different for everybody because there are so many variables, like how much time the person has to devote to the trainings, how many hours a week they could spend working on their websites, etc. But I often hear 3 to 6 months as a starting point for income to start coming in as an “average.”

  2. The last education I signed up for online ended up to be a complete waste of time – even their support was a false tab that directed nowhere on the site!
    I hope this is different – it looks pretty cool! Do they have any bad reviews or would you say that most of the members are satisfied there?

    1. I personally haven’t seen or heard any complaints from the other members at Wealthy Affiliate. The only thing that people tend to complain about is wishing they had more time to spend on it – there’s so (so so so so) much available as far as training, that you could do it continuously for months on end and still not be done! It really is a positive experience.

    1. Yes, you can join. It doesn’t matter where you live – as long as you have internet access. There are no extra fees. The amounts given in my post are in US funds. The starter membership is free – you only pay if you decide to upgrade to the premium membership. I hope to see you on Wealthy Affiliate soon! Debra

  3. Making money from home on the computer, is made a lot easier with WA. I can say that the training is priceless on WA to build a successful affiliate business. Wealthy affiliate is the best way to earn recurring commissions from home with little or no investment. Its unfortunate some think WA is just a scam, and miss out on the opportunities WA brings. Very helpful broken up info written in a way in which everyone can understand. Great review. Cheers!

    1. I agree – they provide such easy, step-by-step training that it really does make it a lot easier. Thank you for the comment!

  4. Awesome review! I agree, WA is definitely a community of people that I want to be a part of for the rest of my life. Yes, WA has an excellent training and education program for how to build a successful website and online business, but it’s the people that really make it unique and exciting.

    I joined WA a few months ago because I saw the free membership offer. And I didn’t have to give my credit card information. That’s the one of the main reasons I signed up. I just wanted to try it out without having to spend any money or give my credit card information. I quickly found that WA is worth the small fee for premium membership. I’d recommend it to anyone, at any level.

    Thank you for promoting such a trustworthy opportunity!


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