AWeber Autoresponder Review

Before we get into this AWeber autoresponder review, let’s talk about what this is and why you’d use it, just in case you’re new to online marketing.

What is an Autoresponder?

Autoresponders are used to build email subscriber lists and then regularly communicate with your subscribers.  This is a crucial component to any online business.  Top internet entrepreneurs will tell you that the formula for success in online marketing is to 1) Get Traffic, 2) Get that traffic to subscribe to your mailing list, 3) Deliver value to those subscribers then finally, 4) Sell products and services to those subscribers.

AWeber Autoresponder Review

aweber reviewHow to Create an Email List

Constantly growing and maintaining a subscriber list (or several) for your online business is the way you insure your future in marketing.  You’re continually building a list of targeted customers, whom you can continue to sell products and services to for years to come.

You end up with a huge audience…who you can email at any time with any offer you’re currently selling…and not only are they an interested audience in your topic, but they know and trust you because you communicate with them regularly.  I use AWeber to create email lists for all of my websites.

Why I Use AWeber as My Autoresponder

I was introduced to AWeber during my affiliate marketing training with Wealthy Affiliate.  So that’s the one I started with.  Since then, I’ve researched other autoresponders, but I haven’t found one that has all the features I love about AWeber.  Another highly used autoresponder is GetResponse.  AWeber or GetResponse are the ones I would recommend.  If you’d like to compare and see which best meets your needs, see my article, GetResponse vs AWeber.  I recently began training with another internet marketing training company called The Six Figure Mentors.  They also recommend AWeber.

My Favorite AWeber Featuresaweber autoresponder review

You can sign up for the 30-day free trial of AWeber, and they will take you through each and every feature of AWeber far better than I can.  But I would like to tell you exactly how I use AWeber, and what I like about it.

As of the date of this review, I own and operate seven websites. I’m a full-blown, full time affiliate/internet marketer.  I use MailMunch to create “Subscribe to My Email List” pop-up boxes for each of my websites.  (You wouldn’t seen one of these when you came to this page).  Those pop-up boxes are integrated to my subscriber lists on AWeber.  So whenever anyone subscribes to one of my mailing lists, they get added to the appropriate email list in my AWeber.  Then, I can set up any kind of follow up emails I want for that list.

I create what’s called a “Legacy Follow Up Series” for each of my lists, where the subscribers get a whole bunch of follow up emails all based around the subject/products they’re interested in.  They get emails for a few days in a row, then they get emails from me once a week.  As the lists get bigger and bigger, my targeted audience for each website/topic gets bigger and bigger.

You can also create sign up forms on AWeber.  Example:  Say you want to get people to subscribe to your email list by offering them a free report.  You can set up a sign-up form on AWeber, connect that sign-up form to the appropriate email list, and set up the sign-up form so once they sign up, they receive the free report automatically.  Then, you’re smart to have a Legacy Follow Up Series set up for that list, so those subscribers continue to get information from you on an ongoing basis.

If you’re new to internet marketing, I know all this might be confusing to you.  It was confusing to me in the beginning too.  My advice is to sign up for the free trial.  Create your first list.  Create your first sign-up form.  Publish your sign-up form on your website.  Put one or two follow up emails in the Legacy Follow Up Series for that list.  Then sign up on the form yourself and you’ll see how it works and what subscribers get when they subscribe to your list.

Then just keep using it – and before you know it you’ll get more and more ideas of different things you can offer, different ways you can get people to sign up for your lists.  Believe me, this is the BEST way to grow your business and more importantly, to secure your financial future as an internet marketer.

aweber review

How Do You Use AWeber?

AWeber has step-by-step videos for every function they have. The videos are easy to understand and easy to follow.  Also, I’ve found using their “Contact Us” in the Help menu is invaluable.  The staff at AWeber get back to you super fast (usually within minutes…I’m not kidding), and they answer all your questions.  I personally have never seen a more helpful staff for any company I’ve ever worked with.

AWeber Pricing/Plans

aweber pricing


aweberAWeber’s Affiliate Program

As an internet marketer, you should take advantage of marketing the products you personally use for your business (just like I’m doing with this review).  People who are just starting in internet marketing really need the advice of those of us who have been doing it successfully for years.

So if you start using AWeber and like it, and once you see the benefit and how it boosts your income, I strongly recommend becoming an affiliate for AWeber and earning commissions for referring people to AWeber.

aweber reviewMy Recommendation

If you’re gong to be an internet marketer, you must have and use an autoresponder.  There’s just no disputing that.  There are other autoresponders out there, and I’m sure they’re all great in their own way, but I have found AWeber to be affordable, super user-friendly, and their staff is so helpful whenever I have any questions at all.  Using AWeber has helped me immensely in growing my business.  I love using it, and I highly recommend it.  Debra 🙂aweber autoresponder reviewFor More Information About Making Money Online, CLICK HERE

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