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In this expert training series from the experts at Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll learn how to use Google Adwords step-by-step.  You’ll also learn the priceless skill of putting Google Adwords Conversion Tracking in place so you’ll know exactly which ads are converting, and which ads to scale and grow.

Google Adwords is one of the most profitable (and expensive!) PPC networks available online.  But when you know how to use it properly, you can control your PPC costs and raise your profits at the same time!  If you like, you can Click here to go directly to the series Or stick with me here to learn more about this fantastic resource.  The classes in this series include:

Introduction to Google Ads PPC 

In this class, you’ll be introduced to the world of Google Ads and learn how it actually works.  The instructor will be analyzing Google Ads from the inside out, discussing the pros and cons of Google Ads, and begin to explain how to use Google Ads to profit online.

How to Optimize Your Google Ads Funnels

Creating a successful Google Ad is actually quite easy.  But before you can even start, you first need to create a super relevant sales funnel that are effective.  In this class, you’ll learn the four key elements to creating a profitable Google Ads sales funnel and how to optimize each funnel for maximum success.

How to Create a Successful Google Ad

In this class, you’ll be making your first Google Ad based on the high relevancy principal and how to use the successful funnel approaches the instructor has been using successfullly the last 15 years!

Monitoring and Optimizing Your Google Ads

In this class, you’ll be learning about the many possibilities of what to expect once your first ad is live, how to optmize your ad, and if necessary adjust your sales funnel to improve its success.

How to Scale Your PPC Ads

Once you understand how to build a profitable ad and sales funnel, the next step is to scale that experience into making more ads and possibly expanding into other PPC networks.  This class covers the various ways to do that.

What are Successful Google Ads Strategies?

In this class, you’ll learn about common myths, truths and popular strategies you may have seen online regarding making money with Google Ads and pay-per-click; specifically what’s true and what’s not.

How to Have Long-Term Success with PPC

In this class, the instructor will circle back to everything covered thus far and establish a plan of action to help you become successful at PPC and how to diversify your online business.

Strategies to Save Money and Raise Conversions

In this class, you’ll learn advanced strategies to help raise conversion rates and save money on Google Ads.  This topic is discussed in another class covering the basics of long-term success with PPC, but dives much deeper into ways to do this.

Introduction to Conversion Tracking

You can use conversion tracking to learn which campaigns, adgroups and keywords are getting you the most leads, sales and conversions.  Installing conversion tracking correctly on Google Ads is not simple.  But in this class, you’ll learn how to do it and how to measure your conversions through methods inside as well as outside of Google Ads.

Introduction to Maximizing Conversion Value

There are many ways to run your Google ads and the main one covered in this series is is using the manual CPC option, which is best for beginners and those who have a smaller budget.  However, there’s another method called Maximizing Conversion Value where you let Google “take the reigns” and run your ads in a way that will maximize their exposure and potential conversions.  This class will cover how to use it.

Best Evergreen Niches to Profit With Using Google Ads

As you may know, evergreen niches are popular topics that people will always be searching for and if chosen correctly, can make for successfod Google Ads and sales funnels.  In this class, the instructor will explore 12+ evergreen niches you can make simple sales funnels with, create Google ads to target, get a lot of clicks to your ads, and protentially profit big time in the process.

Google Ads Optimization Scores

Once your ads start getting clicks and develop a history, Google Ads will start to offer suggestions they believe are the best practices to improve your ads.  This is known as the Google Optimization Score and they apply it to your entire campaign.  However, knowing which ones to apply and which ones to ignore is exremely important for long-term success on Google Ads.  This class will show you how to understand what to do (and what NOT to do!)

Overcoming Google Ad Disapprovals

If you make enough ads and use Google Ads long enough, you’ll eventually experience one of your ads getting flagged or disapproved, or possibly limited on how the ad is shown in Google.  Sometimes these ad disapprovals happen for legitimate reasons, and sometimes they don’t.  In this class, you’ll learn the many different ad disapproval situations you may encounter and how to deal with them to avoid having your account shut down.

Creating Split Test Landing Pages for Google Ads

Because Google Ads isn’t the only PPC network available, you may find yourself wanting to promote the same product or service through more than one PPC network.  You could just send all PPC traffic to that one landing page, but it’s important to distinguish which PPC network is performing better.  This is where split testing becomes necessary.  In this class, they’ll go over exactly how to do split testing.

How to Use Google Ads Device Targeting

Although this training series helps you generate targeted clicks to your Google Ads, not all of those clicks carry the same weight and a lot of what affects that value is what type of device your clicks come from.  Are they coming from mobile? A tablet? A smart TV? A desktop device?  These four difference devices can provide your ad with clicks, but unfortunately some of them could be useless and/or cost you a lot of extra money.  In this class, you’ll learn how to set up your ad settings so you get less of the worthless traffic and more of the targeted traffic to save money and increase conversions.

About Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate has an enormous amount of training available for affiliate marketers and people who work online or want to have their own online business.  You can read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate HERE.

Content CreationHow Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

Wealthy Affiliate offers a Free Starter Membership, a Premium Membership, and a Premium Plus Membership.

The Free Starter Membership contains several beginner classes and includes a free website and free (top knotch!) WordPress website hosting.

The Premium Membership contains continued training – enough to learn how to create a full-blown, full-time online business (like I did!).  It costs $49 per month, or $497 per year.  For a complete overview of everything included in the Premium Membership, read my review HERE.  

The Premium Plus Membership contains far more advanced, specialized training. It costs $99 per month, or $697 per year. The training series I’ve described here is included in the Premium Plus Membership.  You can access this class for free by signing up for the Free Starter Membership, then utilizing the 14-day free trial of the Premium Plus Membership.  Wealthy Affiliate always lets you try before you buy.  It’s one of the reasons they’ve become one of the most trusted affiliate marketing training platforms available online!

To compare or sign up for the Free, Premium or Premium Plus Memberships, click HERE.

Content CreationThis is How I Started

I joined Wealthy Affiliate’s Free Starter Membership back in 2015 to learn how to do affiliate marketing.  As of the date of this post, it’s been seven years and I’m still doing it.  I chose to do affiliate marketing as my full-time job, but you can certainly do it as a part-time business or side hustle to earn extra money.

Regardless, the training at Wealthy Affiliate will show you how to be successful.  Please feel free to comment below with questions, and let me know if there’s another specific topic you’d like training on. Debra

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