How to Build an Online Business for Free

I was thrilled back in 2015 when I discovered a company called, Wealthy Affiliate, who teaches people how to build an online business for free.  I quit my full time job back in 2007 because I wanted to have my own business and work online.  I did Ebay for a few years, but found I was working way too hard, and way too many hours.

So when I found out there was something called affiliate marketing, a job I could easily make a full time living at working only 20-25 hours per week, I jumped on it!

How to Build an Online Business for FreeHow to Build an Online Business for Free

Wealthy Affiliate has a Free Starter Membership, where they offer 20 free video classes on how to build an online business.  As a direct result of the training I received at Wealthy Affiliate, I now own several money-making websites.  I work part time, at home, for myself, in my pajamas.  I can easily manage my business working 25 hours per week or less, and I’m my own boss.

How to Build an Online Business for Free


You need to know that the beginner training at Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely FREE.  They will give you 10 “Getting Started” video classes which will result in your having up to two free websites, and knowing how to make money with them.  They’ll also give you 10 “Affiliate Bootcamp” video classes, which are a little more advanced.  The free training really is enough to learn how to build an online business.  By the time you complete all the training they offer for free, you’ll be off and running.

How to Build an Online Business for Free

But to continue on, you’ll need to upgrade to their Premium Membership, which includes ENDLESS training (I mean it…endless.)  You can see everything included in the Premium Membership by reading my Complete Overview HERE.  

If you complete the free starter training and find out you like this…you’re excited and making money and want to keep going, you’ll want to upgrade to the Premium Membership.  I became a Premium Member in 2015, and I’ve never looked back.  I love the continuous training available at Wealthy Affiliate.  They host all of my websites, give me 24/7 tech support, answer all my questions, and provide unlimited help.

But First Things First…

Try the Free Starter Membership first.  Sign up, do a few of the classes, and see if building an online business is something you actually want to do.  It’s risk free.  It won’t cost you a penny to check it out.

How to Build an Online Business for Free

How to Build an Online Business for FreeI Hope This Helped

I believe Wealthy Affiliate provides the best training if you’d like to learn how to build an online business for free.  Their Free Starter Membership really is enough to get you started with a real online business.  Where you take it from there is completely up to you!  Please feel free to comment below with questions.  I’m happy to help!  Debra 🙂

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