How to Check Your Website Rankings

The best thing about SEMrush is that even if you’re a full-blown internet entrepreneur, you won’t be disappointed with the detailed, thorough data availability and analysis you’ll have access to via SEMrush. SEMrush not only helps you to check your website rankings, but gives you tons of additional data that’s useful to the overall success of your site.  You can read my review of SEMrush and its many features HERE.

Track Any Keyword or Domain from Any Location

Whether you’re just starting to get traffic on your website, or if your website is already getting high positions in the search results, you should always know where your website is in the SERP.   Here are just a few of the features of the SEMrush Position Tracking Tool:

Track Your Ranking in the Google Top 100

You will be able to track your website’s ranking for target keywords in the Google top 100 paid and organic results using the SEMrush Position Tracking Tool.  The data is updated daily, and will show you how your search engine optimization efforts are helping your keywords to rank higher and higher in organic and paid searches over time. 

Keep Track of Competitors’ Keyword Rankings

The Position Tracking Tool provides a side-by-side comparison of your rankings versus your competitors’ rankings and points out search terms you need to focus on more.  You can have up to ten of your competitors’ domains in your tracking campaign.  Once you’re inside the tool, SEMrush will show you even more!

Best Website Host for WordPress - Free VideoCreate Multilingual Tracking Campaigns for Any Location

Whether your website is localized, or if you offer products and services all over the world, you could rank for thousands of keywords by creating tracking campaigns for any location, in any language.

Target Location-Specific (Local) Data

When you are focusing on targeting customers in a particular city or town, local SEO strategies are key.  National level search results wouldn’t help you in this case – you need to filter down to more location-specific data.  The SEMrush Position Tracking Tool does this easily for you.

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Discover Local Competitors

You need to know who you are competing with for local search results.  In different cities and countries, products and services are searched for in different ways, and with different keywords.  Your competitors are changing their strategies from location to location.  Are you?

Using the SEMrush Position Tracking Tool, you can see and evaluate the activities of up to ten competing domains.  The Competitors Discovery feature will show you local competitors who are ranking in Google’s top 100 results for the same keywords you’re targeting, based on the location you choose for your tracking campaign.  This is how you’ll stay on top of who may be driving traffic away from your website.

affiliate marketing trainingGroup Keywords With Tags

How do you keep from getting lost in the thousands of keywords and search terms you’re tracking?

You can easily manage thousands of search terms by using the keyword grouping feature in the Position Tracking Tool.  You can group keywords by brand names or specific words, and you can also add a keyword to more than one group.  Each keyword can have up to five tags.

Target Different Deviceshow to check your website rankings

In today’s multi-screen world, your prospective and existing customers are likely using multiple devices to access the internet.  They can view your website on their desktops when they’re at work, on their smartphones while they’re on their way to work, or on their tablets while they’re traveling or at home being a couch potato.

It’s important that you know which device is working best for your website. That’s why SEMrush provides you with the ability to create tracking campaigns where you can select whether the stats will be collected from desktops, smartphones, or tablets.  By accessing and evaluating this data, you’ll be able to better understand your website’s performance in this multi-device market, and you’ll know how to adjust your device targeting in places like AdWords and Bing Ads.  Gearing your efforts (and your advertising dollars!) toward the most effective channels can be an enormously lucrative strategy.

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DebraThank You for Visiting

I think you’ll agree that SEMrush provides some pretty cool features for  helping you to become more and more successful in your website marketing efforts.  I appreciate your visiting my site, and I hope you’re finding the information you need. You might also enjoy this article, SEO Keyword Position Tracking – Best Rank Tracker Tool.  Please comment below with any questions, and please…let me know what you think about SEMrush!  Debra

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3 thoughts on “How to Check Your Website Rankings”

  1. Thank you for your post. I’ve always struggled how to find my blog’s ranking and, because I am still a beginner, I’ve postponed this in time.
    I think I would try SEMrush, especially if it is as easy to use as you explain.
    When you write down the search keywords, can you make a list or save them and check their ranking again and again? Or I need to write down the search keywords every time?
    I also liked your SEO Keyword Position Tracking – Best Rank Tracker Tool post. It is helpful as well.
    Have a lovely week. Cheers

    1. You can make lists and save them so you can check keyword ranking daily without having to check keyword-by-keyword each time. Huge time saver! Let me know how you make out with SEMrush, and let me know if you have questions. Thank you!

  2. Wow.

    Thanks for sharing this, it looks like something I might need to get for my business. In fact, anyone can benefit from this SEO ranking tool.

    Being able to keep track of your competition’s ranking is a powerful resource that will truly help my website. It’s pretty cool that SEMrush is multilingual and offers the best possibility for each device so that your website is at the top of its game.

    Thanks again,

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