How to Use SEMRush

Below you’ll see a video that includes a step-by-step guide on how to use SEMRush.  The best way to follow along with the video tutorial is to go ahead and open SEMRush.  With it in front of you, you can try out the different features discussed in the video as we go along.  Click the button below to open SEMRush.  You’ll be able to see even more results during the tutorial if you sign up for the free trial.

Click Here to Open SEMRush

OK, Let’s Get Started!

If you’re looking for a specific topic, here are the different topics covered in the video, and their exact position in the video:

Your site overview (1:26)how to use semrush tutorial

How to find your top organic competitors (4:32)

Determining your competitor’s strategy (7:55)

Finding the competitor’s top performing content (10:41)

How to find the best long tail keywords to rank for (15:06)

Side-by-side domain comparison (18:52)

Determining keyword difficulty (& the SEO Magic tool) (21:04)

Monitoring changes in search engine ranking positions (23:21)

How to find good backlink sources (25:43)

How to perform a website audit (30:47)

Position tracking & SEO optimization tips (33:21)

Creating charts for quick comparisons & SEO reports (37:00)

How to create branded SEO reports (39:32)

SEMRush Reviewhow to use semrush

SEMRush also tackles a number of topics that were not covered in the video, including:

  • Video ad campaigns
  • Paid advertising analysis
  • Finding the ad variations your competitors are using
  • Finding your competitors’ best performing ads
  • Tracking down potential advertisers

how to use semrushBenefits of SEMRush

It’s easy to see just how much SEMRush can help you in your SEO campaigns and how much time, effort and money you can save by not having to do these tasks manually.  I hope you enjoyed this comprehensive review of SEMRush and it’s fantastic tools and features!  Debra

Plans & Prices

SEMRush has the free trial you signed up for before watching the video.  You can view their plans and prices by clicking below.

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