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One of my favorite authors and self help experts is Dr. Wayne Dyer. I’ve read several of his books, and for several years I fell asleep every night listening to his CD’s. I’m convinced that the keys to being successful that Wayne Dyer taught for decades are a huge reason why I’m a happy, successful person today. In this article, I’ll share 12 of Wayne Dyer’s tips on how to be successful. You can get free, printable pdf of this list of success keys HERE.

Keys on How to Be Successful from Wayne Dyer

#1 Want more for others than you want for yourself. Whatever you feel you’re lacking in your own life, like good health, healing, money, happiness, romance, love, peace…pray and hope for those things for others. The more you care about others, the more you’ll stay in a positive mindset, which is step #1 in becoming successful.

#2 Think from the end. Wayne Dyer is famous for teaching us to “act as if.” Pretend, if you will, that you already have that thing you desire – the wealth, the soul mate, the house you want – picture yourself as already having the things you want and you’ll be much more aligned with receiving it. Wayne talks much more in depth about this in his book (which happens to be my favorite), Wishes Fulfilled. You can order a copy from Amazon HERE.

#3  Be an appreciator in your life.  Look for positive things (not negative things) in your daily life.  I guarantee that at any given moment you could look around you and notice at least ten things that you can appreciate – loved ones, the home you have, your car, your dog or cat, the shoes you have on your feet, the food in your fridge.  Be aware of all the things in life that you can appreciate.

#4  Stay in rapport with source energy.  Whether you refer to it as God (I do), the Universe, Source Energy, just try to stay aware that you want to stay on the right path.  In my case, I try to stay inline with how I think God wants me to think, believe, and act.  I believe are meant to live a life filled with love, peace, joy, kindness, abundance…so try to stay in line with these things.

#5  Eliminate resistance.  This is huge.  Realize that any negative, unkind, judgmental, combative, fearful or doubtful thoughts represent resistance.  They’re preventing you from letting the good stuff into your life!

#6  Contemplate yourself as surrounded by the conditions you want to produce.  Again, this goes along with Dr. Dyer’s “act as if” theory.  Realize that you are one with everything you desire.  Understand that – contemplate and consider your place in this world.  Realize and accept your true nature as a spiritual being and creator.

#7  Understand the art of allowing.  Also huge.  Allowing means taking the path of least resistance.  This goes back to tip #5 about resistance.  You don’t want to resist, you want to allow. Every time you have negative thoughts, and especially when you stay stuck on them, you’re not allowing.  I learned a ton about this from books by Jerry and Esther Hicks.  You can order their book, “Ask and It is Given” on Amazon HERE.

#8  Practice radical humility.  Realize that you are not the body you’re in, and you are not the possessions you have.  You are a divine being.

#9  Be in a constant state of gratitude.  Some say that keeping a daily gratitude journal is a powerful way to become successful in life.  I’ve tried it, and I can tell you it makes a huge difference in my mindset.  Just writing down a few things each day that I’m grateful for keeps me thinking positively.  But you don’t have to actually write in a journal – just, like we mentioned in tip #3, stay aware of all the good things around you and be grateful!

#10  Remember that you can never resolve a problem by condemning it.  The more negative energy you spend on something, the more you focus on it and stay stuck on it, the bigger the problem will become.  “What you think about, you bring about.”  What you focus on expands.  So don’t pound on problems…just get your mind on something more positive as quickly as possible.  I have found, and this was life changing for me, that if I practice doing this regularly – if I practice ignoring problems and instead focusing on the good things in my life, the problems often magically disappear.

It’s like they get sucked into the positive energy my mind has created and because the problems are like negative little monsters, they’re eaten up by the goodness.  lol!  I know that sounds corny and juvenile, but honestly, it’s the best way I know to explain it.  And it’s awesome.  🙂

#11  Play the match game.  Ask yourself, “Am I matched up with the field of intention?  Am I doing this God’s way?  Am I in line with God’s path?  Or the Universe’s intentions?  Or just my own intentions, goals and desires?  Stay focused and match your thoughts, actions and behaviors to what you’re trying to be and achieve.

#12  Meditate. I know, I know.  I fought this one for years, and I still have a hard time getting my fanny in a chair for 15 minutes straight.  But it’s worth it.  Meditating is the best way of staying connected to Source, God, the Universe, Spirit, and your own peace of mind.  It helps you to take a break for a few minutes from your busy, hectic life and just get focused, on track, and in line with the life you want.  And for many, it’s a welcome few minutes of peace and silence.

Try a view short medication videos on YouTube.  Or just sit quietly, for 5 minutes to start if you want, and just breath in and out.  Pay attention to your breathing – focus on your stomach moving up and down while you breathe.  And anytime you have a thought, just acknowledge it and let it go, and return to focusing on your breathing.  You’ll find yourself relaxing very quickly, and practice will improve this.  The more you meditate, the better you’ll get at it, and the more benefit you’ll get from it.

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