Social Media Marketing – Increase Website Traffic with Blog2Social

Social Media Marketing - Increase Website Traffic with Blog2SocialYou can simplify social media marketing by connecting your WordPress website to all of your social media networks using the Blog2Social plugin. In this article, I’ll show you how to increase website traffic with Blog2Social. I personally get more than 40% of my website traffic from social media, and Blog2Social makes it easy, fast (and cheap!)

Social Media Marketing - Increase Website Traffic with Blog2Social

How I Use Blog2Social

Before we get into the details of all the features of Blog2Social, let me show you quickly how I use Blog2Social for my websites.  Then you can read the rest of this article for more detailed information.


Blog2Social’s Best Features

In the rest of this article, I’ll briefly describe what I like about Blog2Social’s features, then you’ll see a video that goes into more detail about each feature.

Connect to All of Your Social Media Networks

I like that with Blog2Social, you connect your social media networks once, then you’re done.  It takes a little work in the beginning if you don’t already have your social media networks set up.  For example, you should create a page (and group in my opinion) on Facebook for your website, create a Twitter account, create a Board on Pinterest, create a page on Google+.  You’ll see as you’re connecting networks in Blog2Social what networks they have available and you’ll be able to create an account for each one and connect it.  This set up work is worth it.

You can publish your posts and connect your blog to Facebook pages and groups, Twitter, Google+ profiles, pages and groups, LinkedIn profiles and pages, Xing pages and groups, Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, Tumblr, Medium, Torial, Reddit, Diigo and Delicious.

Auto-Posting on Social Media

I personally go in manually and post on social media after I’ve created a page or post on my website instead of setting up auto-posting.  That’s because some of the posts I create on my website are just a sign up page or a thank you page – I don’t necessarily want those posted on social media.  But depending on your business and your website, you may find that auto-posting is fine for you.  It’s a huge time saver, that’s for sure.

Custom Sharing

I like that so many things can be customized in Blog2Social.  You can post the same post with the same picture, hashtags, etc. across the board on all your networks, or you can go in and change things for each post – change the picture, the hashtag, the title, anything.  It’s really either as fast and easy, or as customized as you choose.

Best Time Scheduler

I love this feature.  I don’t have to research my niche to figure out what time is best to post on various social media networks.  Blog2Social does it for me.  I click “Best Time Scheduler,” and it automatically schedules my posts at the optimal time for my audience.

Auto-posting at the best times for each network gives you a much higher rate of views, clicks, engagement and conversions.  The right timing determines whether your post will be read or if it’ll just be a waste of time and never been seen.  Every network has its own rush hour – Blog2Social’s Best Time Scheduler makes sure your posts are shown at the busiest times!

Custom Scheduling on Social Media

This is one of my favorite features.  I like to have my articles post regularly on social media. I personally set up each of mine to post the day I published it, then every 60 days thereafter.  I set it up so I have two or three posts per day for each of my websites.  I set it, and it’s done.  Continuous presence on social media for months and years to come already done.  Love it!

You can schedule, re-post and re-share and re-schedule your social media posts and images at any time and to any network.  You can re-share old posts, pre-schedule your planned, not yet published posts, and re-share your posts and evergreen content recurrently.

Select Any Image for Each Post

Using images in your social media posts is one of the most important ways to attract attention and engagement.  You can select any image you want to have the best visual for your message.

Specify the Post Format for Your Posts

You can choose the default setting where it displays an automatically generated preview of your blog post with the blog post title and the first one or two sentences of the post, along with the image link in your post.  Or you can modify the format.  It’s up to you.  I use the default format.

Content Curation (sharing other peoples’ content)

Content Curation is an effective strategy in social media marketing.  Sharing relevant third-party content helps to establish you as a valuable source of information in your niche.   strategies used in social media marketing. Sharing relevant third-party content will help establish your social media accounts as a valuable content resource for your particular field of expertise.

Plans and Pricing

The pricing for Blog2Social’s plans are based on the number of users you need.  By users, they mean the number of websites you’ll be attaching it to.  I personally use the Pro Plan for $119 per year.  I have 5 active websites, so for the time being, that works for me.   If I build more websites, I can always upgrade.    When you compare these prices to other social media platforms, you’ll realize these plans are very cheap.  I’ve done the legwork – Blog2Social is a great deal.

Social Media Marketing - Increase Website Traffic with Blog2Social



SMART Annual (2 users):  $79 per year CLICK HERE TO SELECT SMART ANNUAL PLAN

PRO Annual (5 users):  $119 per year (I use this one) CLICK HERE TO SELECT PRO ANNUAL PLAN


Free 30 Day Trial

You can test Blog2Social Premium in a free 30-day-trial free of charge, without obligation, no automatic subscription.

Social Media Marketing - Increase Website Traffic with Blog2SocialMy Recommendation

I’ve checked out (and used) several other social media software programs and plugins.  I have found Blog2Social to be the cheapest, first off.  Also, it’s super user-friendly.  I didn’t have to watch videos or read a lot of instructions to learn how to use it.  It makes posting on social media fast and easy, and results in a large amount of traffic continuously coming to my websites.  Their customer service is awesome.  I don’t wait very long for an answer to my emails and you don’t get those template response emails…a real person responds and helps you.  That’s rare these days!  I hope you”ll sign up for the free trial and check it out.  You likely won’t ever use anything else.  Debra 🙂

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