Tools for Running an Automated Online Business

One of my favorite words in the online business world is, “automated.”  I love when I can set things up for my business that work automatically, without my having to do anything!  Not only does it save me a ton of time and work, but it also makes my business far more effective and profitable.  Here are the tools for running an automated online business that I personally use to keep things running smoothly and automatically. affiliate disclosure

5 Tools for Running an Automated Online Business

I’ve been a full-time affiliate marketer for several years.  I’m including what I consider the 5 most important tools for running my online business.  These are what I actually use.

1.  High Quality WordPress Website

I got my training to be an affiliate marketer from a company called, Wealthy Affiliate.  They use WordPress for website creation, so that’s what I used.  I find WordPress to be user friendly and super high quality. This automatically eliminates problems I could otherwise be having if it I didn’t start with a quality website.  You can learn more about getting training from Wealthy Affiliate HERE.

Tools for Running an Automated Online Business 2.  Secure, Effective Website Hosting

Wealthy Affiliate hosts all of my websites.  The difference between most WordPress hosting sites and the successful WordPress hosting sites is the intricate technical processes that happen behind the scenes – the stuff that nobody ever sees.  Wealthy Affiliate provides a hosting platform I feel safe running my business on.  They make sure my websites are secure, and they take care of the technology, so I can focus on running my business.  They also provide 24/7 tech support which I consider priceless as far as saving me time and aggravation.

You can learn more about Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting by reading my article (video included), The Best Website Hosting for WordPress. You can also read Wealthy Affiliate’s own description of their website hosting services HERE.

Tools for Running an Automated Online Business 3.  Automatic Social Media Posting

I use a plugin called Blog2Social to automatically post on social media.  You can set up Blog2Social so that every time you publish an article on your website, it’s automatically posted to all of your social media platforms.   I personally post on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.  There are many more social media platforms available in Blog2Social that you can add if you like.

Update:  Since the date of this post, I took a Pinterest class that has resulted in my Pinterest accounts bringing WAY more traffic.  I highly recommend it.  It was created by a successful blogger named Carly, and she provides regular Pinterest updates after you take the course!  Check it out:  Pinteresting Strategies

Here’s a quick video on how to Use Blog2Social.


Tools for Running an Automated Online Business 4.  Invitation to Subscribe to Your Email List

I use MailMunch to set up an automatic pop-up window on all of my websites, inviting visitors to subscribe to my email list. It’s best to offer some sort of freebie to get people to subscribe to your email list.  This can be a free report, a free video, a checklist of some sort. Building an email list, in my opinion, is one of the best ways to automate your business.  You can set up email funnels so your visitors receive valuable information regarding whatever your website’s topic is. It can also be used as a way to automatically email your subscribers every time you publish a new post on your website.

It’s automatic traffic. MailMunch automatically sends the subscriber to the email list I want, and/or to a specific email campaign or funnel.  Here’s a video on how I create opt-in boxes.

Tools for Running an Automated Online Business 5.  I Use AWeber to Set Up Automated Email Funnels

Once people subscribe to my email list, they are automatically signed up for a specific email campaign or funnel.  First, they receive whatever freebie I offered to get them to sign up.  Then, they’ll continue to get emails from me, every day for several days if it’s a sales funnel, or else every 5-7 days in a follow up series of emails.  Once you have this set up, you do nothing.  It’s all automated.  I use a company called AWeber to handle all of my email marketing activities. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how this works.

DebraI Hope This Helped!

I hope you’ll get these tools and automate as much of your online business as you can.  The more time you free up for yourself, the less hours you have to work, and the more time you’ll have to create even more content to scale and expand your business.  There’s no honor in doing things the hard way.  And setting things up to happen automatically isn’t the lazy way, it’s the effective way!  Work smart, not hard.  Thanks so much for visiting!  Debra

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