What to Start a Blog About

In order to decide what to start a blog about to make money, you have to understand how to make money online to begin with. We’ll talk about this in more detail in this post, but first I’d like to recommend this free class from the experts at Wealthy Affiliate on how to choose a niche.  It’s definitely the quickest way to figure out what to start a blog about to make money.

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How to Make Money With a Blog

Ok, so now you’ve experienced one of the classes at Wealthy Affiliate, the company that taught me how to become a full-time affiliate marketer.  I hope it was helpful!  Now you’ll need to know how to actually make money with your blog.  I strongly suggest you do another free class.  This one includes a video from Kyle, one of the owners of Wealthy Affiliate, explaining the actual PROCESS of making money online.  Seriously…do this one.  It’ll end up being the very foundation of your business:

Click Here to Take the Free Class on Understanding How to Make Money Online

What to Start a Blog AboutWealthy Affiliate’s Training for Starting a Blog

You may have already realized that you can get all the training you need on choosing the right topic for your blog and making money with a blog from Wealthy Affiliate.  They have a Free Starter Membership where you can take 10 of these free classes to get you started.  The Free Starter Membership includes one free WordPress website (blog) plus top-notch website hosting.

What to Start a Blog About

4 Steps to Make Money with a Blog

Wealthy Affiliate’s training focuses on these four steps to making money with a blog:

  1. Choose a niche/topic
  2. Create the blog
  3. Drive traffic to your blog
  4. Earn commissions/revenue

Check out my video for further explanation:

Making Money with a BlogWhat to Start a Blog About

Wealthy Affiliate teaches the 4 steps I described in the video:

1.  They teach you how to choose a niche/topic you enjoy (and one that will be profitable)

2.  They teach you how to create a blog site (I mean it, step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions.  They taught me how to make this blog you’re on right now!)

3.  They teach you how to drive traffic to your blog, and

4.  They teach you how to earn revenue/commissions – in other words, they show you WHERE THE MONEY COMES FROM.  That’s the thing I think that confuses most people when they hear what I do for a living.  They’re like, “Ok, you have blogs that make money.  But how do your blogs make money?”

Want Wealthy Affiliate’s Help?

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to make money with your blog using affiliate marketing.  Affiliate marketing is where you sign up to be an affiliate (or “rep”) for different products and services, you promote them on your blog in the form of articles and blog posts (or videos if you like the YouTube idea), and whenever someone uses your affiliate link to purchase a product or service you’re promoting, you get a commission.

That’s where the money comes from. That’s how you create a blog to make money.  There are many other ways to monetize a blog as well…you don’t have to be an affiliate.  It’s up to you…you’ll learn all of the ways to monetize your blog, and you get to choose what works best for you.

Can You Make Money With a Blog?

You might be having a hard time picturing this.  Most people wonder what they could possibly sell, or what they could possibly write blog posts about.  Here are a few examples just to get your brain started in the right direction…

Example:  Say you like skiing.  First, do you know anything about it?  Of course you do.  You could write blog posts about what you like about it, how you started.  You could tell stories about your experiences, places you’ve skied, etc.  The money could come from you recommending products and services relating to skiing.  In my mind, that list is absolutely endless…everything from skis, to boots, to goggles, to hats, gloves, warm socks…see?

The list of links you could have within your blog posts is endless.  All things you link to where you get a commission if they buy.

Example:  Let’s say you love the NY Yankees.  Again, do you know anything about it?  Of course you do.  You could write blog posts about what you like about baseball, why you like the Yankees.  You could write endless articles about the history of the Yankees, you could write articles about each and every player.  You could write about your experiences going to games, or maybe how your dad got you hooked when you were a kid.

The blog post ideas are endless.  And, as I’ve said, the list of products you could recommend are endless.  T-shirts, hats, mugs, blankets, lunch boxes, slippers, pajamas…everything Yankees!

You Get the Idea, Right?

Those are just a couple of examples of what your blog could be like.  Right now, grab a pen and paper and write down 5 or 10 things you’re interested in.  I mean it – do it now – grab a pen and start mindlessly jotting down anything that comes to mind when you think, “Things I Like.”  I bet you, within that list you’ve just quickly made, you have a topic/niche you could make a blog out of to make money.

What to Start a Blog AboutIt Costs Nothing To Give It a Try

Wealthy Affiliate has an absolutely free Starter Membership where you can sign up with your email and go through 10 beginner classes to first, get a handle on this so you understand what it is, and second, to pick a topic, and actually create a blog to make money.  Yes, you’ll get that in the free training.

After that, if you like what you’re doing and you think you’d like to continue, you can upgrade to their Premium Membership (which isn’t expensive). But you’re under no obligation.  The Starter Membership is totally free. Read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate HERE.

What to Start a Blog About

What to Start a Blog AboutThis is How I Did It

This is how I learned how to start a blog to make money online.  I signed up for Wealthy Affiliate’s free starter program, did the beginner training, then upgraded to the premium membership and I’ve been a premium member ever since.  I have two large websites and am now a full-time affiliate marketer.  Join me!  Go ahead and give it a try.  And please feel free to comment below with any questions.  I’ll be glad to help!  Debra 🙂

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