What to Write in Your Email

Guide to what to write in your email, plus a complete, free email marketing course.  Includes 45+ email marketing templates and a complete course for writing great emails.  Learn how to write the perfect message, or just use the templates provided in the guide and fill in the blanks.  Check out the free guide here.

Learn to Write Emails Like a Pro!

Whether you’re a beginner or if you just want better results from your emails, this course will give you the tools, guidance and expertise you need to succeed.

what to write in your emailWhat’s Included in this Email Marketing Course

  • 45+ fill-in-the-blank email templates. Writing emails couldn’t be easier or faster. Add your info to the blanks in the templates, then, simply paste the content into your email marketing platform and send.
  • Instructions on how to write every email you should be sending.  Not sure what emails you should be sending and what you should write in them?  Learn about the most important ones to send, like automated emails, surveys and sales emails.
  • Homework to help you move forward. Homework assignments not only help you to apply what you’ve learned, but it’s also a great tool to avoid procrastination.  You’ll get manageable homework, broken down into simple steps that you can complete in 15 minutes or less.
  • Strategies the copywriting experts use to optimize your emails.  Learning copywriting tips will help you catch your subscribers’ attention and will result in more opens, more clicks, and more sales.

What to Write in Your Email - Free Email Marketing CourseGrow your email list, get more shares and make your subscribers happy! What to Write in Your Email - Free Email Marketing CourseMeet the Course Instructors

What to Write in Your Email - Free Email Marketing Course

Liz Willits, Content Marketing Specialist

I’m a marketer and a copywriter, which means my writing is guided by you, my audience. I love that. I’ve had the privilege to send, study and write thousands of emails. In that time, I’ve learned what makes a subscriber open an email or move it to spam. The kind of copy that gets people to take action. And how to see success with email marketing.

What to Write in Your Email - Free Email Marketing Course

Monica Montesa, Content Marketing Specialist

I lead and execute AWeber’s content marketing strategy, which includes creating all kinds of engaging content for customers, including blog posts, emails and ebooks. When I’m not writing, I enjoy exploring new places, cooking and trying new vegetarian cuisines or cuddling with my adorable dog, Tucker.

Automated Email Marketing

If you want to take it to the next level and learn how to have a compete automated email marketing system in place, I recommend this 5-part training series from Wealthy Affiliate called, Automated Email Marketing System.  Here are the 5 classes included in this email marketing course:

#1:  The Basics of Email Marketing

#2:  Building Your First Email Campaign

#3:  Writing Emails that Increase Conversions

#4:  Opt-In and Landing Page Strategies
#5:  Creating Blog Broadcasts for Email Campaigns


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