How to Create Content for a Website

Creating quality content for your website is the meat of your online business.  If you continuously provide good, valuable, quality website content, you’ll continue to get visitors, as well as repeat visitors.  Your content should be presented using a readable, organized outline or template.  Otherwise, any visitors you get may click out quickly.

It’s important to realize, however, that no matter how good your website content is, if you don’t use the proper SEO (search engine optimization) strategies to get your website ranked in the search engines, your content will never be seen or read.

Learning how to create content for a website involves the quality of the content itself, the presentation of the content on the page, and incorporating effective SEO strategies.  In this article, we’ll cover all three!

1.  Creating Quality Content for Your WebsiteHow to Create Content for a Website

Provide a Solution.  Your website content should provide solutions for the problems your particular audience faces.  Think about the concerns people have within your niche, and research solutions.  For the most part, people search online for answers to their questions and solutions to their problems.  Make providing that your first priority.

Keep it Relevant.  Although you can certainly branch out into several aspects of your particular niche, it’s important that your content remain relevant to that niche.  Your website content should stay consistent to your overall topic.  Scattered topics will leave your visitors wondering what your website is about, whereas continuous valuable content on a particular topic will allow you to be seen as an authority on that subject.

Make it Valuable.  Take the time to create content for your website that educates, informs and guides your audience.  Your main focus should be quality, not quantity.  If you make it a point to cover at least three valuable, useful tips, each with a paragraph that provides interesting, relevant information that will help them solve their problem, then you won’t have to worry about word count.  Your article will easily end up between 500-1000 words.  Research the topic you’re writing about, takes notes, then use those notes to provide useful, accurate information.

how to create content for a website2.  Use a Consistent Outline or Template

I recommend using the same outline or template each time you create content for your website.  It will keep you organized, and will ensure that you include all the necessary steps for creating quality website content.  Here’s the template I use:

Introduction.  Your first paragraph should clearly tell the reader what the article will cover.  It should also contain the title/keyword of your post.

Three Paragraphs.  Each paragraph should cover one specific tip to solve the problem covered by the article.  Use relevant keywords within these paragraphs as much possible (but don’t over-do it – you want your content to make sense).  Provide valuable, useful information in each of these three paragraphs, making sure your information is accurate and current. Use strong headlines for these paragraphs.

Be sure to proofread your article.  Nothing will ruin your credibility more than misspellings or punctuation errors.  Outsource this if you need to!

Conclusion.  Use the last paragraph to summarize what’s been covered in the article.

Call to Action.  Be clear about what you want your visitor to do next.  You could provide a link to another relevant article on your website. You could link to an affiliate offer.  You could send them to your YouTube Channel.  You can also ask them to subscribe to your mailing list.  Regardless of what you’re asking them to do, make it clear (provide a “Click Here” button if possible).

how to create content for a website3.  Use Effective SEO Strategies

I have a list of steps I use for each and every page of content I create for my websites that help me get ranked by the search engines.  For my full tutorial on these steps, CLICK HERE.  Here’s a summation of the steps:

Do Keyword Research.  I use a keyword research tool called Jaaxy to find the best titles for my website articles. Watch my video to see how I select titles for my content.

Using Jaaxy will also help you find relevant keywords to use within your website content.  To see how I use Jaaxy to find the best keywords, CLICK HERE.

Include Within Your Article:

Quality images.  Use your article title as the alternate title in the images.

Internal links.  Include links to other relevant content on your website.

External links.  Include at least one link to another relevant website.  This might be the website(s) you used to do your research.  Don’t hesitate to do this.  It’s not inviting people to go off to someone else’s website.  Rather, it links your website to other authority websites on the same topic, which gives your website more credibility.

Meta description.  Use your article title within your meta description.

Include videos.  Embed videos (your own if you’re a YouTuber!) within our content that are relevant and add value. Here’s my step-by-step video on how to embed videos into your website content.

Invitation to subscribe.  Always provide a way for visitors to subscribe to your mailing list, either by having pop-ups on your website, or providing a written invitation with a clickable opt-in link within each article.  If you don’t already have an email list, it’s important that you start one!  I have a series of videos with step-by-step instructions about email marketing you can watch HERE.

how to start a blog aboutI Hope This Helped!

Creating website content shouldn’t be rushed, sloppy, or completed with only a half-hearted effort.  The best strategy for consistently creating quality content for your website is to do keyword research to choose a title you can rank for, use the internet to find useful, valuable information on the problem you’re helping your audience to solve, then use a template to present the information in an organized, readable format.

Throw in a checklist of SEO steps, and you’ll be a master at building out a high quality, informative, authority website that will bring tons of traffic for years to come!  Debra

For More Information About Getting Website Traffic, CLICK HERE

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