How to Get Ranked in Google

Let’s talk about this all-important concept of how to get ranked in Google.

For too many internet marketers, getting ranked in Google seems like an impossible feat. They believe they have no chance of accomplishing getting ranked on the first page of Google. Do you fall into this category?

If so, please keep reading and let me prove to you how you can get on the first page of Google if you are willing to do a few things. I was taught step-by-step how to get ranked in Google by a company called Wealthy Affiliate.  You can read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate HERE.

Getting Ranked in Google is Not That Hard

First off, it is not rocket science. People get so wrapped up into what Googlehow to get ranked in google thinks and how Google’s internal “ranking brain” is thinking at any given moment, but in actuality it really does come down to the most important thing:

Quality of Content

If you can create content that a reader would enjoy, then you are going to get ranked. This is the content Google is looking for and this is the content that they boost in ranking every single time.

What are the websites that Google doesn’t like?

The sites that are doing things to try to trick them into thinking their content is quality.  Backlinks, spinning, guest blogging, duplicating content.  There are lots of things that people are doing that adversely affect their rankings because it simply is not natural.  These are called “black hat” techniques, and typically these will work for a few months to a year, then Google catches on.  If you are doing these things, please stop. You are heading in the wrong direction.

On the other side of the spectrum, there are “white hat” marketers. They ranked 10 years ago, and they will rank 10 years from now because they are building their content for Google (and Google will continue to chase their content).

Wealthy Affiliate Taught Me How to Get Ranked in Google

Wealthy Affiliate has a Free Starter Membership and a Premium Membership.  In the Free Starter Membership, you get 10 free classes on how to do affiliate marketing, how to create a website, etc.  Also within the Free Starter Membership are 10 free classes called Affiliate Bootcamp.  This is where you learn much more detail about things like getting ranked in Google.  (See Lesson 6 below)

How to Get Ranked in Google

how to work from home and love it

how to work from home and love itWealthy Affiliate will teach you that there are only FOUR things you need to get RANKED!

1.  A Domain.  A domain will improve your search rankings, in particular if you have a .com or a .org domain. I don’t recommend buying a domain that are not one of those (.com’s are the best). You can host one free website or your own domain with a Free Starter Membership at Wealthy Affiliate, and up to 10 with the Premium Membership.

They are hosted in a well managed WordPress platform which includes website monitoring, website security, website speed boosts, 24/7 website support, and unlimited access to their one-click install website builder.

2.  Understand Keywords and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  If you understand how to find low competition keywords within your respective niche, you will open the door to unlimited traffic. Finding low competition keywords is easy when you know what you are doing and this is what you learn within the training at Wealthy Affiliate.

You get access to an entire Keyword/Niche Research classroom within premium and unlimited access to the WA keyword tool. There is also an amazing amount of SEO training within WA Premium, 100’s of tutorials and hours of live video classes. You want to be an expert at this stuff, Wealthy Affiliate Premium is the place to be.

You ideally want your keywords to have less than 200 QSR (competition) and there are billions of keywords out there across every niche that fit this criteria.

3.  Quality Content, with Consistency.

Content is KING, right? Wrong. This statement has become all too cliche in the industry these days. Creating a successful business does not require you to be a writer or an author, it requires to you be able to create QUALITY communicative content in your niche. Content that focuses on engaging the reader. The reader is the one that will earn you revenue (and they need to trust you first), never lose site of this.

As a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, you are going to quickly become a content expert and have full access to a great deal of copy writing training, as well as FULL access to SiteContent, the ultimate content creation/management platform.

There is a good deal of video and live class training on the subject along with MANY content marketing experts within the community.

4.  Authority (which happens with time).

If you have ever heard about anyone’s path to success, you will realize that it didn’t happen in a week, a month…not even in a few months. It usually takes a new affiliate marketer about three months working at this before they  make their first dime. That is normal and that is the process of getting your business up and running.

If you don’t have the time to become successful, then it simply won’t happen. What I can tell you is that at Wealthy Affiliate, they have the time and patience to help you reach any level of success that you want in terms of rankings, traffic, and conversions.  You will start to see your website getting indexed and rankings within your first few weeks of going through this process. That is exciting and that is the “stepping stone” to much bigger things.

An Example of How This Works

In the Bootcamp training at Wealthy Affiliate (taught by co-owner, Kyle), Kyle started a website completely from scratch and within four months and some part-time work, he created a full-time business with a website that gets over 1,300 clicks per day (for free) by getting ranked and indexed in Google.

With the training at Wealthy Affiliate, you get to look over Kyle’s shoulder and see exactly how to rank, how to climb up the ranks in Google, and how to get Google to absolutely LOVE your website. 🙂

How to Get Ranked in GoogleYes, You Can Get Ranked in Google!

So I guess I want to leave you today by saying that you, yes YOU, have everything you need to get all the rankings you want within Google with a Premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate. You will have a competitive advantage over the rest of the industry by being a member of the thriving community at Wealthy Affiliate.  Happy ranking!  Debra

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