Why Am I Not Making Money Online?

In this article, I’m going to answer the two most common questions on so many new affiliate marketers’ minds:  “Why a I not making money online?” and “Why isn’t my website converting?”

Occasionally, someone will take action but not make any money.  This can be so confusing and disheartening.  The reason they’re not making money or conversions is because they have misunderstood the fundamentals about how making money online works.  I’m going to teach you what the misunderstanding is, and tell you what tools you can use to fix it.

Why Am I Not Making Money Online?You Need to Build a Relationship with Your Readers

The biggest mistake new internet marketers make is that they don’t build a relationship with their readers.  They think that creating a blog with random blog posts related to their website’s topic will make them money.  They put banners on a website, hoping visitors will magically show up and click on them.  Even if people do click these banners, they likely won’t convert because the traffic is “cold.”  To make money, the website needs to build a relationship with the reader so they will trust your recommendations.

The Easiest Way to Build Trust with Readers isfailing at making money online Through Email Marketing

Millionaire affiliate Mark Ling taught me in AffiloJetpack the way he doubled his income by getting rid of banners and replacing them with opt-in forms.  Email marketing builds trust because people read their emails.  When they receive regular, high-quality emails they like, they will grow to trust you.  Replace banners with email newsletter opt-in forms.  Use opt-in freebies to encourage people to sign up.  Example:

In AffilioJetpack, Mark Link provides you with a 49-page eBook, “How to Make Super Affiliate Commissions” to give as opt-in bait for internet marketing websites.  Also remember that when readers get more than they expected, their trust grows quickly.

How to Write Emails that Build Trust

To build trust, readers need to feel like you care about them.  If you send too many hard-sell emails, readers will feel used.  Hard-sell emails are written to promote a product, and do not provide high-quality content that the reader can use.

For every one or two hard-sell emails, send three or four soft-sell emails first.  This builds a relationship.  Soft-sell emails are basically high-quality articles emailed directly to them, with a brief product recommendation put at the start and end.  Example:  In AffiloJetpack, Mark Ling’s year-long email autoresponder sequences have 3-4 soft sell emails for each 1 or 2 hard-sell email emails he sends.  If readers receive quality emails before they are directly marketed to, they will be less skeptical, as you have proven you know about the niche.

Why Am I Not Making Money Online?AffiloJetPack

AffiloJetpack is the fastest way to create money-making websites that build trust with readers. It’s all set up for you – the landing pages, the opt-in forms, the free give-aways, and the email follow ups.

Why Am I Not Making Money Online?Conclusion

The best way to actually earn money online is to build trust with your readers.  Stop trying to get people to just buy stuff and start providing real, quality help and information.  Then when you do promote something to them, they’ll trust you and be way more likely to buy.  As always, if you have questions, comment below.  I’ll reply!  Debra 🙂

why am i not making money online

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