How to Make a Website to Sell Products

Learning how to make a website to sell products isn’t hard.  I’m going to show you exactly how you can do that in this article.  But keep in mind that not only do you need to know how to create the website, you also have to learn how to get traffic to it.  There are steps you can take to learn how to make a website to sell products, but that’ll be useless if you don’t also learn how to get that website SEEN.  Let’s talk…

How to Make a Website to Sell Products

So, first things first.  How to create a website.

I’ve built several websites – you’re on a website I created right now.  I’m a full-time affiliate marketer.  Creating websites that make money is what I do for a living.  I don’t have my own products; rather, I’m an affiliate for other people’s products and services which I sell on my websites.

How to Make a Website to Sell ProductsI learned how to make a website to sell products from a company called Wealthy Affiliate They teach people, in step-by-step videos, how to not only build a website to sell products online, but how to have a website that will be recognized by the search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo).

You can actually see the class where Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to create your website and watch their video, “Building Your Website in Under 30 Seconds” HERE.  Wealthy Affiliate offers pre-created, fully operational WordPress websites.  They’ve already done the work for you.  All you have to do is follow the step-by-step video to make the website your own.

Building the website is easy.  Because Wealthy Affiliate has already created a fully functional WordPress website with all the important stuff already in it, all you have to do is make it your own, then move on to selling!

How to Make a Website to Sell Stuff

How to Make a Website to Sell ProductsHow to Sell Your Products Online

Now, here’s the important part.  Like I said, having a website is useless if nobody is visiting it.  You’ll need training to learn how to get your website indexed in the search engines.  This process is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Wealthy Affiliate specializes in providing this training, step-by-step.  Also, you need to attract visitors who are actually interested in buying your product.

Most things are far easier to sell online than in a store or shop.  When people stroll through a store or a shop or a mall, they are not usually in a buying state of mind.  More often, they’re just “looking” and that makes an actual sale much harder to get.  But online, you can attract people who are actually READY TO BUY.

What if you could connect with an audience that already has their credit card out and are ready to buy?  You can. That’s what Wealthy Affiliate shows you how to do.

Three Steps to Sell Your Products Online

There are three steps to being successful at selling products online.

Step 1:  Give your products a home.  The first thing you need is your website.  This isn’t just a place to show your products.  It’s also where you can engage with your potential customers.

Step 2: Creating quality content.  You need to be creating content – in the form of articles, blog posts or videos, that showcase the products you’re selling.  This can be a product review, or providing information about ways in which your products can be beneficial to your customer.  If you consistently create quality, useful content for your website, you’ll soon be building your website’s authority for the products you’re selling.

Step 3:  Getting traffic to your website.  You can have the best products in the world, and create the most useful articles, blog posts and videos, but if nobody sees it, you have no chance of selling stuff.  Without traffic, you have no business.  You need to take the necessary steps to get traffic.  Again, these steps are called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Wealthy Affiliate teaches these steps.

How to Make a Website to Sell Stuff

How to Make a Website to Sell ProductsGet the Training That Will Help You Succeed!

Wealthy Affiliate has a Free Starter Membership that includes free classes (plus one free website) to get you started.  If you complete that training and wish to continue for more advanced training, you can upgrade to their Premium Membership.

Free Starter Membership:  Includes 20 free classes, 24/7 support, one free website, 50+ training modules, and 2 training classrooms, plus the ability to earn commissions for referring people to Wealthy Affiliate – FREE.  You can read my complete review of Wealthy Affiliate’s Free Starter Membership HERE.

Premium Membership:  Includes 100+ additional classes, unlimited support, weekly live training webinars, 1000+ training modules, up to 10 websites (including your own domains), 13 training classrooms, free access to Jaaxy (a keyword research tool that normally costs $49 per month), plus double commissions for referring people to Wealthy Affiliate – $19 for the first month, then $49 per month thereafter.

Or you can save money by purchasing a full year’s membership for $495 (results in about two months free).  You can read my full overview of Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium Membership HERE.

How to Make a Website to Sell StuffMy Recommendation

If you want to learn how to make a website to sell stuff, and actually get customers to that website, then I recommend you sign up for Wealthy Affiliate.  I signed up for their Free Starter Membership back in August of 2015.  By November, I had completed the free starter training, had my first website,  and I knew I wanted to make selling stuff online my full time job.  So I upgraded to their Premium Membership and continued with the training.

I’ve been selling stuff online as my full time job ever since.  If you sign up for the free training, you’ll see me inside Wealthy Affiliate.  I’ll be the first one to welcome you, and I encourage you to reach out to me there whenever you need help or have questions.  Debra 🙂

How to Make a Website to Sell Products

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