How to Sell Jewelry Online

Hi, my name is Debra.  I am going to be completely honest with you.  I don’t know a thing about how to make jewelry.

But, what I do know is how to SELL STUFF ONLINE.  I have been doing it since 2008 and I have been personally helping people for the last three years create and grow businesses online.   So, I suppose I do know a thing or two about how to sell jewelry online.

How to Sell Jewelry Online

How to Sell Jewelry OnlineTo be honest, jewelry is an EASY thing to sell in the online world…

Actually, most things are far easier to sell online than in a store or shop.  When people stroll through a store or a shop or a mall, they are not usually in a buying state of mind.  More often, they’re just tire-kickers, and that makes an actual sale much harder to close.  Whereas online, you can attract people who are actually READY TO BUY.

What if you could cut out the middle man and connect with an ENGAGED audience that already has their credit card out and are ready to buy?  You can. That’s what the internet does for you – lets you find and get to those people.  And I’m going to show you how!

OK, So How Do You Do It?How to Sell Jewelry Online

You are on this page for one reason and one reason only.  You want to get exposure to your jewelry and you want to earn money selling it.

I will not be selling your jewelry for you, but what I will do is offer you THREE simple steps you can take to get exposure to your jewelry, find customers, and start selling.  Sound good?  🙂

THREE Simple Steps for Selling Your Jewelry Online

Step 1: Give Your Jewelry a Home (a Website)

The first thing you need is a website or a blog.

This is not just for your jewelry, it is also to allow you to engage with your potential customers, to talk about your jewelry and the jewelry industry in general, and build yourself as an authority online.D

You can get FREE, step-by-step video training on how to build a fantastic website at  They are a free affiliate marketing training website that offers more than 50 free classes on how to create a website and/or start a blog, how to get customers, and how to sell stuff online.  I signed up with them in 2015, and I’ve built several websites using their training (you’re on a website I built right now).  You can sign up for a Free Starter Account and start training RIGHT AWAY by clicking HERE.  (I’ll be there to help you when you get there!)

how to sell jewelry online

Step 2:  Getting Your Jewelry Exposed (Getting Traffic)

You could have the best jewelry in the world, but without getting real people to see it, you have no chance of selling your pieces.  Without traffic (people), you have no business.  So the very first thing you should do after you have your website is to get yourself training on how to get traffic online.  Wealthy Affiliate will teach you this step-by-step.

Statistic Alert: There are 2 BILLION people online.  That is a lot of people and that is the volume of customers you have available to you online.

If you already have a website for your business and you just want the training on how to get traffic, you can sign up with Wealthy Affiliate, skip the training about how to set up a website, and go directly to the getting-traffic training.

Step 3: Keep Building Your Online Jewelry Business (Getting Help When You Need it)

Imagine having 1,000’s of experts, available to you night or day, to answer any questions you may have about promoting your business or getting more exposure.  That’s exactly what we have in Wealthy Affiliate.  Any time I’ve ever had a question, I’ve put it out to the Wealthy Community and I have help within MINUTES.  Not to mention that once you join Wealthy Affiliate, you can contact ME PERSONALLY any time you need help.  You’ll be seeing a lot of me on your success journey!

Do You Have Questions About Selling Your Jewelry Online?

Then please put your question in the comment area below.  I’m here to help and I would love to help you get up and running with your online business and help you create a successful (and profitable) campaign for selling your jewelry online.  I usually can respond to questions the same or next day.

how to start a blog aboutI Look Forward to Watching You Succeed!

Debra, Owner of This Website and Your Personal Online Coach


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    1. Hi Lizelle! Swiss Blue Topaz Cross would be a highly targeted niche! Do you already have a website, or are you selling these online anywhere? Debra

  1. I make all my own jewelry I’ve been doing it for more than 8 years now I have a bunch of stuff made but don’t know how to go about selling it online. I don’t have my own web site

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