Internet Marketing Training for Stay at Home Moms

I’ve been working at home in my pj’s since 2008.  Of all the people who ask me on a regular basis how I work at home and make money, most are stay at home moms.

I make a living by doing affiliate (internet) marketing online.  I have my own websites and I sell products that help people in their lives. It’s fun.  It’s flexible.  I can do it any time day or night.  And I strongly recommend what I do as the perfect solution for moms who want to make extra money from home.  Internet marketing training for stay at home moms is available through the company who trained me, Wealthy Affiliate 

How I Got Started

I quit my job on December 31, 2007 to work from home, have my own business and get out of the rat race! I had a good job – civil service, great pay, outstanding benefits – so it was beyond scary to give it up.  Especially since I was divorced, living alone, and solely responsible for supporting myself.

For three years prior, I searched for answers about how to work at home online I found all the typical ways to make money online like getting paid to answer surveys, selling on Ebay, Amazon, freelance writing. At that time I settled on Ebay. I like girl stuff like makeup, jewelry, handbags and skin care.  So that’s what I chose to sell.  I’d buy large inventories of products, then sell the items individually.

It worked.

My Ebay business was successful and supported me for eight years.  I have to say I really liked it – it was fun owning my own business, working at home in my pj’s – running my own schedule, being my own boss.  I knew early on that I’d never work for anybody again – I’d always have my own business.

how to work at home onlineThen along came Leo.

I met my husband Leonardo in 2012 and my life changed.  Several months after meeting, we moved in together, and eventually got married in 2015. What changed was the fact that for 13 years prior, I had lived alone.  That meant it didn’t matter when I worked.  I could work anytime I wanted, day or night.  So, for example, if I wanted to go do my grocery shopping or have lunch with a girlfriend on a Tuesday afternoon, I could do that – then just finish my work later in the evening.

But when Leo came along, I found I wanted to be “off” when he was.  I wanted not only to be done with work by the time he came home every day, but I began to loathe the fact that I was working on weekends.  My Ebay business was so successful and did such a large volume, that it was necessary for me to do shipping at least six days a week, seven during the holiday season.  I wanted weekends off to spend with Leo.  Also, taking a vacation when you’re a high-volume Ebay seller is difficult.  Since I was a one-woman show, there was no one to do the work and keep my sales/shipping/income flowing if I wanted to go away.

So, suddenly my job wasn’t working for me anymore.Internet Marketing Training for Stay at Home Moms

About two years earlier, I had come across the concept of affiliate marketing – where you have a website, you become an affiliate for a company – then you put their advertisements on your website and you get paid a commission every time someone buys something using your website/link.  I played around with it a while – did some affiliate marketing training online, but I was unable to be successful at it.  I just didn’t know what I was doing.

Finally, in August of 2015, I searched for more affiliate marketing training.  I knew that affiliate marketing was the thing that would accomplish all of my requirements as far as what I wanted to do for a living:  having my own business, working from home, making money online, having unlimited income potential, setting my own hours, and being able to travel.  So I really (really really) wanted to figure out how to do it and actually be successful at it. That’s when I found Wealthy Affiliate.

how to work at home online

Wealthy Affiliate is a company that TEACHES you not only how to become a successful affiliate marketer, but how to create a money-making website for absolutely any topic, hobby or interest. And what I liked most was the fact that there were so many training classes available for FREE.

These guys are smart – they go ahead and give you a ton of training – get you interested and educated and actually seeing fantastic results – before they ask for a dime for their time and effort.  I was so impressed by that. They have gone way above and beyond the “try before you buy” concept by really letting people not only get their feet wet – but they let us swim in their pool for months on end, learning all kinds of stuff – for FREE!

I watched training videos for several weeks for free – started my own website for free – learned how to create valuable content, how to add affiliate links to my site, how to find and apply for affiliate programs.  All for free. It really was amazing.  The training videos were so fun and easy – very simple, step-by-step training.  I loved it! And since the first 20 (yes, I said 20) training classes are absolutely free, you have nothing to lose by at least checking it out.

Here’s a video by Kyle, one of the owners of Wealthy Affiliate, taking you on a tour of the website to let you know what it’s like.  Kyle’s the one who does all the training, so if you like him in this video, you’ll like the training!

Screenshot (18)internet business ideas for stay at home moms

Now I’m an Official Affiliate Marketer…and MORE!

I eventually signed up to be a Premium Member at Wealthy Affiliate for $47 per month.  That is not required, but by that time I knew I’d found my  new career and I wanted access to more and more training and wanted to be a full member of the Wealthy Affiliate Community. You get a huge discount if you pay annually, which I decided to go ahead and do (so now it works out to less than $25 per month…the question/answer section on the site alone is worth ten times that!)

You Can Do It Too!

My interests are animals, writing and beauty products.  I was able to learn how to make money in each one of those fields by creating several money-making websites all about these things I love.  If there is something – and I mean anything at all – that you really love – you can create a website around it. This can be a part time job or a full time job, whichever you prefer.  You can have your very own website (or several!) which can be as big and as busy as you like, or as small and easy-to-handle as you like.  It’s all up to you.

how to start a blog aboutI hope you’ll at least check it out.

Make a list right now – get a piece of paper and a pen – and make a list of your hobbies and interests.  I bet by the time you write down less than three things you’ll have the perfect idea for a website!

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If you’ve ever wanted to have your own business and work from home, this is worth checking into.  I’ve been working online for years, and I can tell you, this is top notch.  Imagine actually liking your job…hey, there’s a concept!!!!

Please comment below to let me know what you think, and feel free to ask me questions…I will respond!  And please keep me posted on your progress!

Best of luck and good fortune,
Debra 🙂

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