How to Create a Website to Make Money

how to create a website to make moneyI’ve worked at home in my pajamas since 2008.  Needless to say, people have envied me for that, and many have wanted specifics as to what I do.  I usually reply with, “I’m an internet marketer,” or “I’m an affiliate marketer.”  I get either a totally blank look from those who are willing to admit they have no idea what that is, or else I get a “ah ha…” from those who choose to pretend they know what I’m talking about. LOL!

Regardless of the initial response, I usually go on to explain that, “I have websites that make money.”  That explanation seems to satisfy most people and prevents me from having to explain in more detail about what I do for a living. After all, explaining to people how to create a website to make money in casual conversation at a party isn’t that easy.  And as much as I love my business and am so glad I chose to start my own online business, it sure would be easier if I could just say, “I’m a waitress,” or “I’m a nurse!”

How to Make a Website to Make Money

In order to understand how to make a website to make money, you have to understand how you can make money online to begin with.  This can be most easily explained by describing the four steps it takes:

4 Steps to Making Money Online:

  1. Choose a niche/topic
  2. Create a website
  3. Drive traffic to your website
  4. Earn commissions/revenue

See?  That’s why, if you want to make money online, you have to learn how to “have websites that make money” like me.

How to Start a Website to Make Money

The best way I know to tell you how to start a website to make money is to tell you how I learned.  I learned from a company called, Wealthy Affiliate.  They teach people, in step-by-step video trainings, how to become an affiliate marketer.  They teach, in a nutshell, the 4 steps I just described:

1.  They teach you how to choose a niche/topic you enjoy (and one that will be profitable)

2.  They teach you how to create a website (I mean it, step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions.  They taught me how to make this website you’re on right now!)

3.  They teach you how to drive traffic to your website, and

4.  They teach you how to earn revenue/commissions – in other words, they show you WHERE THE MONEY COMES FROM.  That’s the thing I think that confuses most people when they hear what I do for a living.  They’re like, “Ok, you have websites that make money.  But how do your websites make money?”

How to Create a Website to Make MoneyThat’s Where Wealthy Affiliate Comes In

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to be an affiliate marketer.  Affiliate marketing is where you sign up to be an affiliate (or “rep”) for different products and services, you promote them on your website in the form of articles and blog posts (or videos if you like the YouTube idea), and whenever someone uses your affiliate link to purchase a product or service you’re promoting, you get a commission.  That’s where the money comes from. That’s how you create a website to make money.

Can You Make Money With a Website?

You might be having a hard time picturing this.  Most people wonder what they could possibly sell, or what they could possibly write blog posts or articles about.  Here are a few examples just to get your brain started in the right direction…

Example:  Say you like skiing.  First, do you know anything about it?  Of course you do.  You could write articles and blog posts about what you like about it, how you started.  You could tell stories about your experiences, places you’ve skied, etc.  The money could come from you recommending products and services relating to skiing.  In my mind, that list is absolutely endless…everything from skis, to boots, to goggles, to hats, gloves, warm socks…see?  The list of links you could have within your articles is endless.  All things you link to where you get a commission if they buy.

Example:  Let’s say you love the NY Yankees.  Again, do you know anything about it?  Of course you do.  You could write articles and blog posts about what you like about baseball, why you like the Yankees.  You could write endless articles about the history of the Yankees, you could write articles about each and every player.  You could write about your experiences going to games, or maybe how your dad got you hooked when you were a kid.  The article ideas are endless.  And, as I’ve said, the list of products you could recommend are endless.  T-shirts, hats, mugs, blankets, lunch boxes, slippers, pajamas…everything Yankees!

You Get the Idea, Right?

Those are just a couple of examples of what your website could be like.  Right now, grab a pen and paper and write down 5 or 10 things you’re interested in.  I mean it – do it now – grab a pen and start mindlessly jotting down anything that comes to mind when you think, “Things I Like.”  I bet you, within that list you’ve just quickly made, you have a topic/niche you could make a website out of to make money.

how to create a website to make moneyIt Costs Nothing To Give It a Try

Wealthy Affiliate has an absolutely free Starter Membership where you can sign up with your email and go through 10 beginner classes to first, get a handle on this so you understand what it is, and second, to pick a topic, and actually create a website to make money.  Yes, you’ll get that in the free training.  After that, if you like what you’re doing and you think you’d like to continue, you can upgrade to their Premium Membership (which isn’t expensive…you can watch my video about the prices and discounts HERE).  But you’re under no obligation.  The Starter Membership is totally free.

Read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate HERE.

how to create a website to make moneyThis is How I Did It

This is how I learned how to build a website to make money online.  I signed up for Wealthy Affiliate’s free starter program, did the beginner training, then upgraded to the premium membership and I’ve been a premium member ever since.  I have several websites and am now a full time affiliate marketer.  Join me!  Go ahead and give it a try.  And please feel free to comment below with any questions.  I’ll be glad to help!  Debra 🙂

For More About Making Money Online, CLICK HERE

How to Start Small Business from Home

Back around 2004, I decided I wanted to quit my job and start my own business.  I wanted to work at home, have my own schedule, and be my own boss.  So I started researching how to start a small business from home, and came across numerous ideas, but not many that actually appealed to me.

How to Start Small Business from HomeBut Thankfully I Didn’t Give Up!

I’m so thankful today, because I did finally quit my job in 2007, started a small business from home in 2008, and I’ve worked at home ever since.  For the first few years I did mostly selling (I had a huge Ebay store for several years), but I found I was still working too many hours a week and I wasn’t doing anything that actually had any real meaning for me.  But then…

How to Start Small Business from HomeI Found Something I’m Passionate About!

In 2015, I discovered a company called, Wealthy Affiliate.  They teach people, step-by-step, how to create a website on a topic they love – then they each you how to make money with it!  I started my website, in 2015, and I’ve never looked back.  It’s a website devoted to the care, training and health of dogs and cats, and I couldn’t be happier.  I work on it every day – I’ve expanded to hundreds of blog posts and articles.  I have a Dog Lovers email subscriber list, and a Cat Lovers email subscriber list, a Facebook Group, a Pinterest account, an Instagram account and a Twitter account, and this January, I started a YouTube channel doing videos with the content I created for the website!  I’m helping animals.  That’s what I do for a living now.  And I do it at home in my pajamas.  YES!!!  🙂

What’s Your Passion?

What topics are you interested in?  I love animals, so that’s the topic I chose for my website.  But you can create a website on virtually any topic in the universe.  Grab a pen right now…I mean it…and just quickly jot down a few topics you’re personally interested in.  Don’t worry whether you think you can make money with it, just write down a few things you’re interested in.

That’s it.

I guarantee that within your list, you have the potential for a fantastic website, and the makings to start a small business at home.

How to Start Small Business from HomeBut How?

I’ll tell you how.  The same way I learned.  You sign up for the FREE Starter Membership at Wealthy Affiliate.  They will teach you, with step-by-step videos, how to choose your topic, create your website, create content, and make money.  They focus mostly on affiliate marketing – where you suggest products and services having to do with your topic within your articles and blog posts – and you get a commission for doing so.  They’ll teach you that, and the many other ways you can monetize your website to earn money with it.  Here’s one of my videos explaining in a little more detail…

How to Start Small Business from Home

You Can Do It Too!

If you want to start a small business from home, this is a great way to do it. The training is easy to follow and you can ask as many questions as you want all along the way.  You’ll get tons of “real person” help, and you can branch out and make your business as big as you like.  You can work part time and make a little extra income, or you can become a full blown, full time entrepreneur.  The choice is yours!

How to Start Small Business from HomePlease Feel Free to Ask Questions

Feel free to comment below if you’d like to ask questions.  I’m happy to help!  I’m proud to refer people to Wealthy Affiliate, because they really are the reason I have my own business now and finally got out of my J.O.B.!  LOL  Debra 🙂

How to Start Small Business from Home


Wealthy Affiliate Cyber Monday/Black Friday Sale – VIDEO

black friday sale wealthy affiliateI’ve been a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate for a few years now, and I currently have an email subscriber list of over 4,000 people who have visited my website seeking for information about how to make money online.

I’ve been bugging these poor subscribers for the last several days with email after email about Wealthy Affiliate’s Cyber Monday/Black Friday Sale.   I push it a LOT because I feel so strongly that it’s an amazing price for the best affiliate marketing training available.

So I recorded a video for my subscribers, apologizing for bugging them so much with so many emails, but to also explain why I’m so passionate about the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership.

If you are not a Wealthy Affiliate member, sign up for the free starter account and check it out HERE.

If you are already in Wealthy Affiliate but not yet a Premium Member, I encourage you to watch this video, then take advantage of the Cyber Monday/Black Friday Sale before it’s gone!

Wealthy Affiliate's Black Friday Sale - VIDEO

The $299 deal is ending soon.

Take advantage of it HERE.

To Your Success,

Debra 🙂

PS  To read my complete review of Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium Membership, CLICK HERE

How to Work at Home and Make Money Online

I’ve been working at home and making money online since 2008.  In December of 2007, I quit my full time job and started an Ebay business.  I loved it, and it was successful and supported me for several years.  But, Ebay is more than a full time job.  Toward the end of my career as an Ebayer, I was working 7 days a week, usually late into the evening.  NO THANK YOU!

So I started searching online for different online businesses I could start.  I wanted to learn how to work at home and make money online WITHOUT killing myself working tons of hours.  I found out about affiliate marketing and decided to check into it.  Affiliate marketing is where you have a website and you sell products that you get a commission for selling.  I got some lame training and created a lame website.  But I got absolutely nowhere with it.  No one was visiting my website, and I was making ZERO money.

How to Work at Home and Make Money OnlineFinally, I Found Wealthy Affiliate

Fortunately, I didn’t give up and continued to search online for better training on how to become a successful affiliate marketer.  That’s when I found Wealthy Affiliate.  They’re a company that teaches you, step-by-step in easy-to-follow videos, exactly how to create a website and make money as an affiliate marketer.  I started Wealthy Affiliate in 2015.  I am now a full time affiliate marketer.  I love my job. I set my own hours.  I’m my own boss.  YES!

What Wealthy Affiliate Offers

Wealthy Affiliate has a Free Starter Membership where you get 10 free video classes about how to become an affiliate marketer, plus 10 more free video classes on how to make money promoting Wealthy Affiliate.  If it hadn’t been for the Free Starter Membership, I wouldn’t have tried it.  There are so many scams out there…I would’ve been afraid to pay for anything I wasn’t sure of.

So I signed up for the Free Starter Membership, and did the first 10 video classes right away.  By the time I was done with those 10 classes, I knew I had found my new career.  I loved Wealthy Affiliate.  I loved the training.  I could UNDERSTAND the training (that helps!), and I was already on my way to building a profitable website.    So I went ahead and got the Premium Membership and I’ve been a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate ever since.

This is the Way to Make Money Online

If you want to know how to work at home and make money online, this is the way to go.  I’ve since investigated several other companies that teach this, and I’ve yet to find one that even comes close to everything Wealthy Affiliate offers.  You won’t find better training.  And you won’t find a better deal.  Period.  I hope you’ll give Wealthy Affiliate a try.  See you on the inside!  Debra 🙂

Watch My Video


The Best Course for Affiliate Marketing

The Best Course for Affiliate MarketingI’ve been a full time, successful affiliate marketer since 2015.  I joined a company called Wealthy Affiliate, who taught me everything I needed to know about affiliate marketing.  I’m still a Premium Member with Wealthy Affiliate and I promote them with great passion.  I honestly wouldn’t be working at home with my own online business if it wasn’t for Wealthy Affiliate, and if you’re thinking long-term and want to become the “real deal,” I think Wealthy Affiliate is the best course for affiliate marketing.    You can read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate HERE.

But…Here’s the Thing

Wealthy Affiliate is a step-by-step video training course that teaches you absolutely everything about making money online.  But it’s time consuming.  It takes a long time to go through all the classes, build your website, learn how to get traffic, etc.  Don’t get me wrong…it’s all good.  I consider myself a highly competent internet marketer because of that fantastic training.  But can you do it a faster, easier way?  Yes, I believe you can.

The Best Course for Affiliate Marketing

I recently found out about a company called Affilorama, and their affiliate marketing package called AffiloJetPack.  I believe AffiloJetPack is the fastest, easiest way to get started in affiliate marketing.  I sincerely believe in Wealthy Affiliate – I believe every internet marketer needs the training they offer in order to be successful, and STAY successful for the long term.  But for those of you just starting out, I think AffiloJetPack is the way to start.  It’s faster.  It’s easier.  And it’ll get income coming in quickly so you can relax and spend time doing more in-depth training with Wealthy Affiliate.


Watch My Video for More Information

Here’s a video I did about AffiloJetPack.  Check it out, and comment below to let me know what you think.  Regardless of how you start, I wish you great success with affiliate marketing.  It really is fun, and I personally will never do anything else for a living!  Thanks for visiting.  Debra 🙂

For More Info About Making Money Online, CLICK HERE

What to Write in Your Email – Free Email Marketing Course

Free Guide to what to write in your email, plus a complete, free email marketing course.  Includes 45+ email marketing templates and a complete course for writing great emails.  Learn how to write the perfect message, or just use the templates provided in the guide and fill in the blanks.What to Write in Your Email - Free Email Marketing Course

Learn to Write Emails Like a Pro!

Whether you’re a beginner or if you just want better results from your emails, this course will give you the tools, guidance and expertise you need to succeed.

What’s Included in the Course

  • 45+ fill-in-the-blank email templates. Writing emails couldn’t be easier or faster. Add your info to the blanks in the templates, then, simply paste the content into your email marketing platform and send.
  • Instructions on how to write every email you should be sending.  Not sure what emails you should be sending and what you should write in them?  Learn about the most important ones to send, like automated emails, surveys and sales emails.
  • Homework to help you move forward. Homework assignments not only help you to apply what you’ve learned, but it’s also a great tool to avoid procrastination.  You’ll get manageable homework, broken down into simple steps that you can complete in 15 minutes or less.
  • Strategies the copywriting experts use to optimize your emails.  Learning copywriting tips will help you catch your subscribers’ attention and will result in more opens, more clicks, and more sales.

What to Write in Your Email - Free Email Marketing CourseGrow your email list, get more shares and make your subscribers happy! What to Write in Your Email - Free Email Marketing CourseMeet the Course Instructors

What to Write in Your Email - Free Email Marketing Course

Liz Willits, Content Marketing Specialist

I’m a marketer and a copywriter, which means my writing is guided by you, my audience. I love that. I’ve had the privilege to send, study and write thousands of emails. In that time, I’ve learned what makes a subscriber open an email or move it to spam. The kind of copy that gets people to take action. And how to see success with email marketing.

What to Write in Your Email - Free Email Marketing Course

Monica Montesa, Content Marketing Specialist

I lead and execute AWeber’s content marketing strategy, which includes creating all kinds of engaging content for customers, including blog posts, emails and ebooks. When I’m not writing, I enjoy exploring new places, cooking and trying new vegetarian cuisines or cuddling with my adorable dog, Tucker.

What to Write in Your Email - Free Email Marketing CourseWhat to Write in Your Email - Free Email Marketing Course

How to Learn About Online Marketing – Wealthy Affiliate University

How to Learn About Online MarketingWhen people find out I work at home in my pj’s, they immediately want to know how to learn about online marketing!  I got my training from a company called, Wealthy Affiliate.  They have a Free Starter Membership that contains free video training.  The training is easy to follow, and teaches you how to do online marketing step by step.  This website, the website your on right now, is one I created with my Wealthy Affiliate training.  All the articles, all the pictures, headlines, links, etc. – Wealthy Affiliate taught me how to do all of it.  I also have a website (that I LOVE!) called that I created with my Wealthy Affiliate Training.  Both of these websites earn revenue.  By promoting the products and services you see on these websites, I earn commissions.

This is how I work online from home in my pj’s. 🙂

The best way I know how to show you what it’s all about, is to ask you to watch this video by Wealthy Affiliate co-owner, Kyle.  Kyle does most of the video training at Wealthy Affiliate, and this is a video of him showing you around.  Check it out!

How to Learn About Online Marketing

 How to Learn About Online MarketingMy Recommendation

The only way I know how to tell people how to learn about online marketing is to tell them what I did to learn it.  Wealthy Affiliate is where I got my training.

Whenever people get jealous that I work at home and don’t have to be in the 9-5 rat race like them every day, I always think, “If you want what I have, then do what I do!”  Don’t just keep dreaming about what it would be like to be able to work from home.  Do it!  Debra 🙂

How to Learn About Online Marketing

For More About Making Money Online, CLICK HERE

Online Marketing Classes for Free – From Wealthy Affiliate

When you sign up for a free starter membership with Wealthy Affiliate, you get online marketing classes for free.

Included in Your Free Starter Membership:

Lesson 1:  Getting Rolling!
Lesson 2:  Understanding How to Make Money Online
Lesson 3:  Choose a Niche (niche means “subject”)
Lesson 4:  Building Your OWN Website
Lesson 5:  Setting Up Your Website
Lesson 6:  Getting Your Website Ready for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Lesson 7:  Finding Content Ideas from Keywords
Lesson 8:  Understanding Website Pages & Creating Your First 3 Pages
Lesson 9:  Creating Quality Website Content
Lesson 10:  Congratulations and Your Next Steps
online marketing classes for free