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Earning money with Clickbank is affiliate marketing.  Clickbank is what’s called an “affiliate network.”  Companies set up affiliate programs through Clickbank where people can sign up to become an affiliate for that company and receive their own affiliate link.  Whenever anyone clicks on that link and makes a purchase, the affiliate gets a commission.  Sounds easy?  I used to think so too.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing TrainingBut the fact is, being successful at Clickbank affiliate marketing takes a lot more than just signing up as an affiliate and posting your links all over social media.  It takes real training and hard work to actually get the volume of clicks you’ll need on your affiliate links to earn real money.  You need TRAINING in order to be successful.

In this article, I’m going to share with you how I got my training.  I’m a full-time affiliate marketer.  It’s how I make a living.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Training - Earn Money with ClickbankAffiliate Marketing Training for Beginners

I got my training to learn how to do affiliate marketing from a company called, Wealthy Affiliate. They teach people, in step-by-step video training, how to do affiliate marketing.  They have a Free Starter Membership which includes one free website (with free website hosting) and 10 free classes to get you started.

They also have what’s called Affiliate Bootcamp, which is focused specifically on promoting Wealthy Affiliate.  You get 10 free classes from that training as well within the Free Starter Membership.  Here are the classes included in the Free Starter Membership:

Lesson 1:  Getting Rolling!

Lesson 2:  Understanding How to Make Money Online

Lesson 3:  Choosing a Niche

Lesson 4:  Building Your Own Niche Website

Lesson 5:  Setting Up Your Website

Lesson 6:  Getting Your Website Ready for Search Engines

Lesson 7:  Creating Your Initial Website Content

Lesson 8:  Creating Custom Menus on Your Website

Lesson 9:  Understanding Keywords – the Start of Your Business

Lesson 10:  Congratulations and Your Next Steps

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Training - Earn Money with Clickbank4 Steps to Becoming a Successful Affiliate Marketer

Wealthy Affiliate’s training revolves around the four keys steps to being successful with affiliate marketing. The four steps are:

  • Choosing a profitable niche/topic
  • Building a professional website
  • Attracting visitors by posting quality content relevant to your niche/topic
  • Turning that organic traffic into sales to receive consistent monthly income

Once you create your free starter account, Wealthy Affiliate fully explains affiliate marketing and helps you to build your professional website in minutes.  They’ll encourage you to pick a topic you love, which makes this whole thing fun and interesting (I love, love, love my website!)

One of the things most people don’t understand about websites and affiliate marketing is that getting traffic is way harder than you think.  You have to learn what’s called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  It’s no coincidence how certain websites show up at the top of the list when someone does a search on the internet.  That is accomplished through the correct use of keywords and other steps that make your website search engine (Google) friendly.

Wealthy Affiliate walks you through this process, step-by-step.  In my mind, this is the thing that differentiates successful affiliate marketers from those who fail.  Those who succeed learn how to get TRAFFIC.

When you understand how to get your posts ranking high in Google searches, then you’ll be getting traffic.  Traffic is people.  People are customers.  And if you follow Wealthy Affiliate’s training on how to get traffic (there are actually lots of ways), then those customers will be purchasing the products you’re promoting with your Clickbank affiliate links and you’ll be earning commissions.

Whether you’re a beginner or someone with experience, you can build your own online business and scale it to a level that brings you a full time income.

How Do You Make Money With Clickbank?

You build a quality website.  Then you create quality content that connects people to what they’re looking for.  They click on the affiliate links you place within your posts and make their purchase. When they do this, you, as the affiliate marketer, earn a commission.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Training - Earn Money with Clickbank

Wealthy Affiliate Pricing

The Free Starter Membership is free (forever, not just for a trial period).  It contains 10 free classes on how to do affiliate marketing, plus 10 free classes from the Affiliate Bootcamp.  It includes one free website with hosting, plus a ton more.  You can read my complete review of Wealthy Affiliate HERE.

Once you complete the free training, you can decide if you’d like to continue.  You can upgrade to their Premium Membership and receive more than 100 additional classes.  If you’ve chosen your own niche, you can continue on with that training and grow and scale your business with the training in the Premium Membership.  If you’ve chosen to just promote Wealthy Affiliate (smart…they pay great commissions) – then you can continue with the Affiliate Bootcamp training and seriously, you can make a fantastic full-time income with that.

The Premium Membership is $19 for your first month, then $49 per month thereafter.  They also have an annual membership which is $495 for 12 months.    You can read my complete overview of everything that’s included in the Premium Membership HERE.

how to start a blog aboutMy Recommendation

I’m just one of thousands of Wealthy Affiliate success stories. Knowing how to make money with affiliate marketing can be very lucrative. If you have a strong desire to make money online, are willing to do the work, and if you have a drive to succeed, then the training at Wealthy Affiliate will set you up for real success.  I am a full-time affiliate marketer as a direct result of the training I received at Wealthy Affiliate.

Congratulations on checking into having your own online business.  It’s fun, profitable, flexible and the sky is the limit as far as your income is concerned.  Make no mistake – it’s hard work.  But it’s work that is enjoyable.  I always say, “I don’t hate Sunday nights anymore!”  Because I actually like my job now.  LOL  Imagine actually liking what you do for a living.  Anyway, thanks so much for visiting my website and please feel free to reach out to me if you have questions.  I’m happy to help!  Debra

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